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All-in-One Super App Solution

Transform the way you manage your multiservice on-demand business digitally with a comprehensive super app like Gojek.

Super App Solution

QuickSuite is a Pre-built, Reliable & Quick solution to automate various business services like on-demand deliveries, home services, taxi services, and much more through a single platform.

Multi Service App Solution

Empowering Every Industry with Our Super App Solution

Our multi service app solution features numerous functionalities for better user interaction and performs specific tasks with maximum efficiency.

  • eCommerce


  • Food Delivery

    Food Delivery

  • Grocery Delivery

    Grocery Delivery

  • Home Services

    Home Services

  • Taxi


  • Pickup &Delivery

    Pickup &Delivery

  • Flower Delivery

    Flower Delivery

  • Pharmacy Delivery

    Pharmacy Delivery

Want Multi-Million Dollar Returns on the Lowest Investments?

If your answer is yes, QuickSuite App is for you!

Super App Solution

Impact of QuickSuite App on the On-Demand Businesses

  • 82 %

    Save Resources

  • 65 %

    Better Revenue

  • 70 %

    Faster Deliveries

  • 66 %

    Customer Retention

Why You Should Invest In QuickSuite Super App Solution

Our feature-rich and incredibly versatile multi-service app sets your business apart from the competition! As a result, you get to spend more time focusing on the important tasks that impact your business’ success and growth.

Grow Your Multi-Service Business with QuickSuite

Become the Next Big Competition & beat the existing multi-service apps like Gojek.

Get Ready-To-Launch Module to Kickstart Your Business Operations

Quicksuite super app solution runs, manages and grows your business under one roof.

Admin Panel

On Demand Multi Service App
  • All-in-one dashboard

    Get complete analysis to monitor & manage all orders, bookings, rides, etc. from a single place.

  • Geo-Fencing

    Let customers leverage your online store's offerings according to their preferred location.

  • Inventory Management

    Admin can set up inventory in a few clicks; efficiently & accurately to never run out of products on demand.

  • Analytics & Business Reports

    Access AI-based analytics & complete business reporting to take better decisions for better management.

Merchant Dashboard

Merchant Dashboard
  • Manage store

    Create and manage store details like name, address, and contact details for users to get services easily.

  • View drivers

    Users can view the profiles of drivers present near their locations and assign them services accordingly.

  • Earning Report

    Merchants have the excellent opportunity to monitor everything and download the weekly or monthly report to check revenue.

  • Secure Payment Gateway

    Quicksuite is integrated with multiple payment gateways to handle the transactions of a multi-service business.

Customer App

Multi-Service App
  • Advanced Search

    Users can register to find the right food, grocery, taxi service, medicine, etc. with intelligent filters & sorting options.

  • Book Services

    Allow customers to make orders or bookings for their specific requirements instantly and schedule appointments with preferred service.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Keep your customers updated about their order status via real-time notifications & allow them to track drivers on live maps.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Customers can leave their honest feedback on their service experience to keep the quality in check.

Driver App

Driver App
  • Real-time Requests

    Drivers will receive instant notification for orders/rides/bookings assigned to them with complete details.

  • Manage Profile

    Allow drivers to create & manage profiles; add details like experience, expertise, contact, fee, etc. according to their availability.

  • Route Optimization

    Add more to drivers' efficiency with highly optimized routes to enable faster deliveries & services.

  • Delivery Proof

    Enable your agents/drivers/providers to collect digital delivery proofs in the form of OTP, signatures, pictures, etc.

What's Unique In QuickSuite App

Every module is crafted and developed to provide all-around business solutions.

  • Seamless Operations

    Seamless Operations

  • No coding Required

    No coding Required

  • Maximum Uptime

    Maximum Uptime

  • Future Ready

    Future Ready

  • 100% Customization

    100% Customization

  • More Business  Revenue

    More Business Revenue

  • Suitable for All  Industries

    Suitable for All Industries

  • Multi Payment  Options

    Multi Payment Options

Discover the Features of Our Multi-Service App Solution

Explore the extraordinary benefits of Quickworks super app development solution and keep your business ahead always!

  • Modern Analytics

    Modern Analytics

    With the aid of excellent analytics tools and practical conversation metrics, you may maximize the efficiency with which you can comprehend user behavior.

  • Live Geotracking

    Live Geotracking

    The user can use this navigation tool to observe and the delivery person can use it to find the fastest or quickest way to deliver the order.

  • A heat map

    A heat map

    View and explore the map to see which areas are in demand using the heat map tool. The demand increases as the environment becomes dense.

  • Multi-Lingual


    Quickworks super software can be used all over the world as it has been integrated with translations and several languages so that users don't have to make compromises.

  • Multi-Admin Dashboard

    Multi-Admin Dashboard

    With this privilege, the administrator can assign sub-admins to manage and update the catalog, queries, orders, and many other aspects of the business process.

Multiple Businesses - Multiple Opportunities & Manifolds Revenue

Give your business a competitive advantage with our swiftly deployable super app development solution - Quicksuite!

Premium Tech-Stack

Our fast products are powered with state-of-the-art technologies

  • Native





  • Frontend



  • Backend

    Node JS

    Node JS

  • Database



  • Server



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A super app, also known as a multi-service platform, is a mobile or online application that unifies several services onto one platform. Users can access separate micro applications and a set of core functionalities in super apps. Super applications act as a form of marketplace, bringing together both internal and external services and products. WeChat, Alibaba, and Alipay are three of the most well-known instances of these apps.

The price of creating a super app can vary greatly based on a number of variables, including the project’s kind, the features and functionalities that will be included, the location and pay rates of the development team, and the platform that the application will run on.

By localizing service, super applications can attract sizable user bases. For instance, Gojek, an app that offers a variety of services such as transportation, payments, food delivery, and logistics, gained popularity in Indonesia by providing loans for the purchase of smartphones, enabling users to access the app and work as drivers for the business. Super apps can take shape in almost every category imaginable.


Horizontal super apps: offering products in a multitude of categories

Vertical super apps: focusing on one distinct category/industry

QuickSuite is a Pre-built super app solution to automate various business services like on-demand food & grocery deliveries, eCommerce stores, home services, pharmacy delivery, taxi services, and so on. The feature-rich system sets your business apart from the competition!

Yes, you can try Quicksuite’s free trial period of 7 days. Once the trial period is over, you can continue with the paid plan. The pricing and other details are given on our PRICING page.

Quicksuite has many benefits for users, including ease of use, accessibility, adaptability, and speed. The platform streamlines users’ lives by combining numerous services onto a single platform, making it simpler and more productive to move between tasks and services.

  • Conduct thorough market research and plan the user journey for each service.
  • Create wireframes and prototypes ensuring a cohesive and intuitive design.
  • Use agile methodologies to incrementally build the app with a focus on robust backend systems.
  • Integrate APIs and third-party services for seamless interoperability.
  • Conduct extensive functional, performance, and security testing.
  • Deploy the app to app stores and implement a phased rollout strategy.

The development timeline varies based on complexity, features, and team size. A comprehensive super app may take six months to a year or more for initial development. If you choose Quickworks, you can save time and money for better use!

White Label Multi-Service App allows customization of the app’s appearance, including logos and color schemes, to align with the brand. This process involves integrating branding elements during the app development phase for a consistent brand experience.

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