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Complete Workflow of Our On demand Home Services App Solution

  • Book Service

    Book Service

  • Agent Assigned

    Agent Assigned

  • Tracking


  • Make Payment

    Make Payment

  • Rating


Level-Up Your Business & Reach More Audience with a Feature-Rich On Demand Home Services Software.

Home services app solution

Advanced and Powerful Functionalities of Our Home Services App Solution

Our expertise lies in our on demand home services app solution that helps enterprises save months of time and lots of money.

Admin Panel

Service Provider App

Customer App

Manage Promotions

Admin can promote the app by implementing various marketing strategies to increase brand visibility.

Service Listing

This feature allows the admin to have control over the service providers and services listed on the app.

Admin Dashboard

Admin can manage or have control over every aspect of the home services via a single admin dashboard.

Filter Feedbacks

Admin can filter the best service provider and can ensure flawless and professional home services to the customers.

Manage Discounts and Offers

Admin can provide multiple offers, discounts, and promo codes to increase customer engagement with the app.


The easy and seamless onboard registration is done so that the service provider can easily access operations.


An inbuilt chat system is included in home services software to interact with users effectively and resolve their queries.


Service providers can find the shortest and fastest route with a home service management system to ensure quickest delivery.

Customer Feedback

Vendors can view customer reviewswith service details such as service description, rating, price etc.

Manage the Revenue

Service providers can keep track of their monthly, weekly, or yearly earnings to track every transaction done on account.

Easy and Quick Registration

Customers can register or sign up by using their email, social media accounts, or mobile numbers.

Instant Notifications

Users can get important updates on service status, keep the track of their service provider, and much more on the app.

Easy Browsing

Users can easily land on the desired services or use the filters provided to search for the specific service.

Rate and Reviewing

Customers can rate the services of the app with their reviews and comments for new users.


Allow customers to pay through credit card, debit card, PayPal, or any other third-party e-wallet app.

Experience an Automated Business Drive with Quickworks’ Smart Home Service Software.

Innovating the Home Service Industry with Unmatchable Solutions

Create your own scalable on-demand home service app with a user-friendly interface for better customer reach.

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  • on demand home services app


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  • Pest control

    Pest control

  • home services software

    Paint & Repair

  • home services app development


  • on demand home services app

    Beauty Services

  • home services app development solution

    Carpenter Services

Launch Your Home Services Business Online with Quickworks Home Services Software Solution

With ready-to-deploy on demand home services app solution, you don’t need to worry about a long development process.

  • Logo & Company Name

    Get the entire product re-branded with your logo and company name.

  • Brand Color Integration

    Modify our product to integrate your brand colours and keep the flow consistent throughout.

  • Server Setup

    QuickWork hosts the software solution on your server to make an efficient transition.

  • App Accessibility

    We let your customers access the updated version of your home services business application in real time.

  • Payment Gateway

    We ensure hassle-free transactions and multiple payment options with home services app development.

Let’s Partner to Build-On a Delightful Experience for Your Customers!

Why Quickworks?

Our home services software helps your business achieve new heights of success.With Quickworks, You will get;

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    Tried-and-Tested SaaS Solutions

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    Access to Latest Technologies

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    Cost Optimization Through a Cost-Efficient Global Delivery Model

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    Continuous Support & Guidance to Make Your Business Better

Portfolio Extraordinaire

Get an idea of what businesses have accomplished with Quickworks by their side.


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This is a taxi booking platform in Nairobi, Africa providing sustainable green mobility through electric cars and creating an eco-system for EV’s to operate

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Food Delivery App

krikex is a dual module booking platform in india that simplifies busy lifestyles of people by offering them the convenience of food ordering and commuting at the same time.

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Grocery Delivery App

A one-stop solution for restauranteurs and retailers that promise next day delivery of fresh goods and ingredients at their doorsteps. Gi.Gi. is a grocery delivery app in the malaysian region.

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Taxi Booking App

Teksi is taxi booking platform in south african region designed to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

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    South Africa

    South Africa


Pick-Up & Delivery

Through this app, different businesses/Individuals can request delivery drivers available in their location proximity for picking up and dropping off parcels. So this is an app for the pick-up & delivery of goods for any individual or company.

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Taxi Booking App

It is a Taxi booking appliactions and platform for independent drivers where passengers can book a ride and pay direct to drivers for their rides.

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    Ivory Coast

    Ivory Coast

See What Our Client's Say

Meet our happy clients who trusted and joined us to explore a successful journey!

Abdul Basith

Abdul Basith

Founder & CEO

I am working with Quick Works since August 2021, the company has been very supportive from day one. They are well-equipped with their strategic approaches and planning and handled all my queries with precision and needful insights. Throughout the project, the team members were highly collaborative and I am highly contented with the firm.

Abbosbek Muydinboev

Abbosbek Muydinboev

Founder & CEO

My journey with Quick Works has been great, the company excels in providing a smooth negotiation process, detailed communication, and high-quality results. I was afraid of the negotiation process in light of tech skills but the team handled everything with keen professionalism & proficiency. I received the best price, timeline, features, and 24/7 support.

Aleia Mims

Aleia Mims

Founder & CEO

I have had an amazing experience with Quick Works, when I decided on building a website, I had a very vague vision, but the company understood my vision and gave me varied templates & designs to choose from. They maintained great communication and I received my project much faster than it was anticipated and that too with complete precision.

Manny Saverio

Manny Saverio

President & Owner

When I first went to Quick Works, I wasn't sure what to expect from them, but learning of their experience on similar projects gave me a real confidence boost. They fully delivered on their promise. My project was completed on time and with total satisfaction.

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These days, on-demand apps are very common, and many businesses have already benefited from them. Making an on-demand home services app is a good idea since it aligns with both the expectations of current users and the trajectory of the modern economy.


To ensure that your home service management system  is embraced by the market you are aiming for, you should design an original idea and contact experts. We can help!

A home service business that offers a variety of services, including cleaning, plumbing, electrical work, handyman services, and other household chores, is the on-demand home service business model. On-demand home services business model connects clients through a smartphone app.

Features are crucial to the success of any on-demand mobile application. These are few functionalities that we offer with home services app development:


Service List Creation and Management

Verify Service Providers

Request Acceptance or Rejection

Service Promotions

Manage Reviews

Track Reports, Insights, and Analytics

If you encounter a technical issue or an interruption during the session, don’t panic. Instead, communicate clearly with our support team. Contact us at

Basic versions of home service apps can cost around $25,000 to $50,000. If you want to include more advanced features but invest less amount you can opt for Quickworks SaaS solutions.Our annual plan starts from $49*/per month, get all the information on our pricing page.

Quickorders is the best platform to launch the on-demand home service app. We have all the features and functionality to help your business grow!

You Tell Us the Destination, and We Will Lead the Way for You.

We Are a Global Leader in New Age Digital Product Development.

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