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Super App Development: How to Build a Multi-Service App?

Super App Development: How to Build a Multi-Service App?
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    October 18, 2023 Last Updated: January 3, 2024


A client approached us once, not too long ago, with the notion of creating an app that would combine several services that didn't really make sense together. It was to have "a little of everything"- financial services, food delivery, e-commerce, and several more possibilities. They were essentially trying to create a super app.

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The idea of super app development is not really novel. Super apps are becoming more and more popular in China and Southeast Asia, causing disruptions in e-commerce, trading, entertainment, and transportation. Every day of your life is filled with it. It would be a grave mistake to ignore this emerging technological movement. Undoubtedly, the concept of developing super apps appeals to businesses. There are several potential advantages to these feature-rich, multifunctional, and expansive digital devices. Let's get in-depth of super app development trends and other facts.

What Is a Super App? Do They Even Matter?

The emergence of super apps is altering global business practices. It's difficult to picture life without Grab. Put simply, Grab is a single platform that you can use to split bills, order food online, buy groceries, schedule a ride, and deliver items. ABI Research's Principal Analyst James Hodgson, stated:

Grab offers GrabExpress, GrabFood, GrabFresh, GrabPay, and GrabFinancial, which, when taken into account in Indonesia, speaks volumes about the possibility of additional revenue streams well beyond its typical ride-hailing model.

What Is a Super App?

Asia, particularly China and Southeast Asia, is a natural birthplace for multi-service app development. To stay in touch with everyone who cares, apps like WeChat provide free video calls, pictures, games, stickers, and message texting. Customers can purchase movie tickets, make hotel reservations, order rail and airline tickets, shop online, pay bills, and access other services from just a single platform.

Super apps are a cost-effective business solution since they allow businesses to target every client with a single app. Super apps are becoming more than just a means of meeting people's varied needs; they are also developing into a viable super app business model that is changing people's lives in emerging on-demand markets like food ordering and delivery, taxi booking, ride-sharing and ride-hailing, e-learning, plumbing and electrical work, e-commerce, online payment, financial activities, moving, parcel delivery, logistics, and social networking—all within a super app.

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Why Should Multi-Service Businesses Opt Super App Strategy?

Super applications provide chances for advertising, monetization, and transaction fees and commissions. The rate of user retention is higher. Super applications are more convenient to use than standalone programs, which is why consumers may return for that reason. From the user's point of view, you may perform everyday tasks without downloading additional apps.

Compared to standalone apps, super apps require fewer clicks to complete a task. Since people like to stay on a single app which is why super app development seems like a good plan. The ideal multi-service app development concept for large corporations is about creating super apps that have everything. It requires a well-established large infrastructure, more funding for feasible development, marketing, qualified & experienced resources, time, and much more.

Super App Strategy

  • Possibilities For Increasing The User Base
    Super apps are applicable to many industries, thus companies who use them can target a larger range of users from all industries. With a larger user base comes the potential for them to recommend your fantastic program to others if they enjoy it.
  • Availability Of Numerous User Bases
    A firm will receive a lot of user data because of its larger user base. By utilizing business intelligence and analytics technologies to process this data, they are able to plan and deliver a satisfying experience to their super app service consumers.
  • Establish A Uniform User Experience
    Your best probability of winning over your intended audience's heart increases with the number of functionalities and super app development trends you incorporate into your software. More features equate to greater ease of use for your users. They therefore want to utilize your fantastic software and perhaps even speak for your company.
  • Increased Rate of User Retention
    Businesses can provide highly convenient and rewarding user experiences using super applications, increasing the likelihood of better user retention rates. Businesses can generate more revenue and a higher user retention rate with the super app business model.

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Key Points to Consider During Super App Development

It takes more work to develop a fantastic super app strategy than a simple one. Therefore, companies need to have the appropriate plan and be well-prepared with all the tools needed to take on such a project. When creating the amazing super app, keep the following in mind:

Start with a Core Product

Popular super apps sometimes begin with a single feature before adding others as their user base grows. Momo has added other financial services to its ecosystem, like buy now, pay later, momo savings, communication, etc., after amassing a sizable customer base with its e-wallet service. The app then attracted more new users than it had attracted initially.

Focus on Creating a Flawless User Experience

Your super app should make all platform functions easier, such as enabling customers to apply for promotions and make payments without ever leaving the app. Developing creative user-centered experiences is essential in the cutthroat, digital-first world of today. The "Google of China," Baidu, has lost market share to WeChat as a result of its incapacity to facilitate payments on the same platform.

Super App Development

Possess a Strong Supply-Side Economy

Uber, GoJek, and Grab have succeeded in part because they leveraged their market dominance in transportation to provide additional services to customers thereafter.

Establish Partnerships and Ecosystems

In order to facilitate whole lifestyle trips, the super app must establish an extensive ecosystem of companies that unites a wide range of suppliers. It's important to keep in mind that a single company cannot create goods that offer the best values to users for a variety of verticals outside of their general area of competence.

Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target market and what they need is crucial for multi-service app development. Find out the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your potential users by conducting market research. This will enable you to modify the features and functionality of your app to suit their requirements and preferences. For instance, if your app is intended for young adults, think about incorporating social networking and entertainment elements.

Define Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

With so many amazing apps available, it's critical to identify your app's USP—what makes it stand out from the competitors—before releasing it onto the market. Your app's unique selling point (USP) should emphasize its features and the reasons customers should select it over competing apps. Consider using your app's speedier delivery times or greater prices compared to competitors as your unique selling point.

Choose The Right Technology Stack

Selecting the appropriate technological stack is essential to creating a fantastic app that is both effective and high-quality. You want your technological stack to be scalable, resilient, and able to manage large amounts of traffic. The development language, framework, and hosting choices that complement the knowledge and experience of your development team should also be taken into account.

Privacy And Security Of Data

When creating any app, but particularly when creating super apps that manage sensitive user data, data security and privacy are essential factors to take into account. Make sure your app adheres to best practices for user data security and conforms with any data protection laws and regulations.

For instance, two-factor authentication makes it harder for unauthorized users to access the app by requiring users to submit a second verification form. Moreover, data encryption renders information unintelligible without the right decryption key.

A Friendly User Interface

Creating an intuitive user interface is essential to making your software easy to use and understand. The interface of your app should have clear navigation, eye-catching graphics, and simple-to-follow instructions.

Additionally, you should make sure that your software is optimized for a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, as well as screen sizes ranging from smaller ones on smartwatches to bigger ones on laptops and tablets.

3 Strategies Behind Every Successful Super App

Successful Super Apps

1Robust Primary Use Case

The desire to find a solution to a particular issue gave rise to AliPay, a famous super app. Alibaba has emerged as the market leader in China for online retail. Customers encounter difficulties when making purchases using their bank accounts, nevertheless. As a result, Alipay was created to increase consumer and merchant trust. It retained the buyer's money in a temporary capacity as a third party. After that, unless the purchasers attest that the merchandise was received and in acceptable condition, the sellers won't get paid.

Like WeChat, Alipay began to broaden its range of financial services to include travel bookings, mutual funds, insurance, and loans. The most recent news from Nikkie Asia claims that Ant built more comprehensive financial services products by leveraging its payment service as a user acquisition tool. essentially establishing a closed-loop ecology in which money stays inside the wallet ecosystem.

2A Great Payment Mode

Gojek was compelled to form alliances with nearby banks or implement its own payment system due to the issue with payment systems. This led to the super app development of Go-Pay. Less than ten years later, around 30% of all electronic money transactions in Indonesia are handled by GOJEK through its digital wallet subsidiary, GO-PAY. Over 300,000 micro, small, and medium-sized businesses nationwide have partnered with it. GOJEK's Product Research Lead, Sakti Nuzan, stated:

There is no issue with money. When people are unable to handle their finances, that is the issue. For this reason, Go-Pay makes your transaction history available to you, making it simple for you to monitor your expenditure. You may also learn where you spend money the most by looking at this data. As a result, you can handle your finances considerably better.

3Lucrative User Programs

Either the app or its third-party partners offer an ecosystem of app services. For example, the Chinese WeChat ecosystem makes a lot of apps that are created on top of it possible. Wal-Mart's mini-program offers a large assortment along with e-commerce purchasing and on-demand delivery services for higher-value, longer-tail products.

One of the trendiest new ecological footwear brands in America is Rothy's. Rothy's virtual showroom enhances the customer experience and helps the direct-to-consumer company stand out from its many competitors. The biggest chain of duty-free outlets in Thailand is called King Power. Travelers can pre-order things through its WeChat super app business model and pick them up at duty-free retailers at airports.

Go For Super App Development The Smart Way

Building a super app strategy may be very enticing, but it's clear that the business environment around these flexible platforms is just as rewarding as it is competitive. The multinational companies that have succeeded owe their achievements to exceptional market circumstances, many of which are no longer reproducible. Given that we are discussing expansive platforms with a plethora of features and functionalities, it stands to reason that creating a super app may be an extremely complex undertaking.

Technology problems are deterministic by nature. There should be no dependencies or unknowns on the path to solving problems after a project has started, but there are still plenty on the business end of things. Super app development is a massive undertaking with a definite promise of success. After weighing the advantages, it's clear that developing a super app is a difficult task.

Super App Development

Learnings Acquired: A Short Tip

Do you recall the initial story of our client? Since they wanted to create a fantastic app from the ground up, we began with a thorough discovery session and revisited every feature with the client. They became aware that this wouldn't be the greatest course of action after being presented with justifications, particularly for the MVP. In order to help them establish a community and expand into new areas as needed, we decided to focus on a limited number of services within the same domain. Businesses don't have to create their own app from scratch. You can get a multi-service app development solution and modify that according to your business needs.

Any product should have careful planning and study before it is developed, no matter if it is a super app or something else entirely. Every feature you choose to add needs to benefit users, make sense commercially, and support your overall objectives. Above all, the product needs to be workable. If not, you are essentially playing market roulette with your hard-earned money. This is where you can opt for Quicksuite and save tons of money and time. We advise consulting a product strategy expert to discuss your idea. Well, we are happy to help anytime anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technology will soon be integrated with super apps to expand their potential. To put it briefly, the creation of super apps will upend established business models and change the way various services are provided.

As we can see, there’s not much of a distinction between standalone apps and super apps. Stand-alone applications are better described as those that are created specifically for a given purpose and come from specific platforms. For instance, Zoom’s VoIP apps, entertainment apps, banking and finance apps, etc. A super app, on the other hand, is a digital ecosystem that houses several smaller apps and services. Super applications like Paytm, MyJio, Gojek, and Tata Neu are well-known examples.

Super applications save users a ton of time and space while facilitating better access to their essential services and apps. Therefore, having your super app loaded with all the on-demand features and functionalities increases your user base and will surely result in a significant return on investment.

The unbanked population, homogeneous marketplace, best-in-class mobile experience (accessibility of essential internet services under one roof), and numerous other aspects contribute to the success of super apps.

The two sorts of super apps can have different development times. The company or employee dealing with a super app development time may be primarily dependent on the features and security. User interface and experience may play a major role in the development of customer-facing super apps. To learn more about creating amazing apps, get in touch with us.

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