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Our advanced SaaS products have transformed the businesses digitally & enhanced their market recognition.

    Surprise India
    Surprise India-img
    Surprise India logo

    Cake, Flower & Gift Delivery App

    An Online Cake, Online Flower & Online Gift Delivery Platform for India, providing over 200+ Ideas with same-day delivery.

    Expo City Eats
    Expo City Eats-img
    Expo City Eats logo

    Expo City Eats

    A food delivery app tailored specifically for Expo City in Dubai, offering convenient and efficient food ordering and delivery services within the expo city grounds.

    Bee Deliver
    Bee Deliver-img
    Bee Deliver logo

    Food Delivery App

    The Bee Deliver app connects you with a broad range of local restaurants and food, so you can order from their full menus from the comfort of your home.

    Teksi logo

    Taxi Booking App

    Teksi is taxi booking platform in south african region designed to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

    chommie bites
    chommie bites-img
    chommie bites logo

    Food Delivery App

    Namibia’s Largest Online Food Court platform allows users to order food for delivery from the best kitchens in the country.

    Mobishop logo

    E-Commerce App

    A revolutionary on-demand service delivery app specifically customed for retail shoppers looking to have convenience, reliability, and affordability in today's fast evolving culture of superior service provision.

    Zogci logo

    Taxi Booking App

    It is a Taxi booking appliactions and platform for independent drivers where passengers can book a ride and pay direct to drivers for their rides.

    Glenn logo

    Grocery Delivery App

    A one-stop solution for restauranteurs and retailers that promise next day delivery of fresh goods and ingredients at their doorsteps. Gi.Gi. is a grocery delivery app in the malaysian region.

    Apna Ride
    Apna Ride-img
    Apna Ride logo

    Taxi Services App

    This app offers the easiest & fastest way to book Taxi services online for courier pickup & delivery. The Application is for users who can be business owners or individuals looking for taxi services.

    Smex Ride
    Smex Ride-img
    Smex Ride logo

    E-Hailing App

    Unlike ordinary e-hailing apps, Smex transcend the conventional boundaries of transportation, promising security, reliability, and prosperity, at fingertips.

    Ridey – Car Wash App
    Ridey – Car Wash App-img
    Ridey – Car Wash App logo

    Car Wash App

    An on-demand car wash app for the people of Orange county, California that give them the ease to book and pay for a car wash service online. Ridey allows its users to avoid the hassle of driving to the car wash center, waiting in line, and wasting time.

    Orakle logo

    Taxi Booking App

    This is a taxi booking platform in Nairobi, Africa providing sustainable green mobility through electric cars and creating an eco-system for EV’s to operate

    Krikex logo

    Food Delivery App

    krikex is a dual module booking platform in india that simplifies busy lifestyles of people by offering them the convenience of food ordering and commuting at the same time.

Our Clients Simply Love Our Work

Meet our happy clients who trusted and joined us to explore a successful journey!

Abdul Basith

Abdul Basith

Founder & CEO

I am working with Quickworks since August 2021, the company has been very supportive from day one. They are well-equipped with their strategic approaches and planning and handled all my queries with precision and needful insights. Throughout the project, the team members were highly collaborative and I am highly contented with the firm.

Abbosbek Muydinboev

Abbosbek Muydinboev

Founder & CEO

My journey with Quickworks has been great, the company excels in providing a smooth negotiation process, detailed communication, and high-quality results. I was afraid of the negotiation process in light of tech skills but the team handled everything with keen professionalism & proficiency. I received the best price, timeline, features, and 24/7 support.

Aleia Mims

Aleia Mims

Founder & CEO

I have had an amazing experience with Quickworks, when I decided on building a website, I had a very vague vision, but the company understood my vision and gave me varied templates & designs to choose from. They maintained great communication and I received my project much faster than it was anticipated and that too with complete precision.

Manny Saverio

Manny Saverio

President & Owner

When I first went to Quickworks, I wasn't sure what to expect from them, but learning of their experience on similar projects gave me a real confidence boost. They fully delivered on their promise. My project was completed on time and with total satisfaction.

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