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In the dynamic world of taxi dispatch systems, staying connected with drivers and passengers in real-time is paramount. Quicksuite, a leading solution in the industry, understands this need and integrates powerful push notification functionality to streamline communication and enhance overall efficiency.

Let’s delve into how push notifications in Quicksuite are revolutionizing taxi dispatch operations. Push notifications play a vital role in any order management system and ensure timely updates on order statuses, inventory changes, and crucial events that empower users to make informed decisions swiftly.

Notifications Quicksuite

  • The notification feature allows the admin to broadcast and manage notifications effortlessly.
  • To set the notifications, the admin can enter the title of the broadcast message in the title bar, and a detailed message in the content box.
  • This broadcast notification can be sent to both users and restaurants.
  • Admin has the access to set the notifications for all users or send it to particular users by searching for them in the search box, hence making it a user-specific notification or they can send the notification to all the users by clicking on send to all users option.
  • Similarly, the admin can send notifications to restaurants as well.
  • To send a new notification, the admin is required to add a notification title and notification message.
  • After filling in the required details, the admin needs to select particular users or they can select all the users.
  • Select the desired number of users and click on the ‘send notification’ button.
  • Admin can also view the history of all the broadcast notifications that were sent in the past.

By providing instant updates, personalized communication, and proactive alerts, Quicksuite empowers taxi companies to deliver exceptional service and stay ahead in the competitive transportation industry.

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