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Quicksuite’s Subadmin feature is designed to empower businesses by delegating administrative tasks and streamlining operations. With Subadmin, you can assign specific roles and permissions to members of your team, ensuring smooth and efficient management of your Quicksuite platform. Whether you’re running a delivery service, home service, taxi service, or any other business, Subadmin offers the flexibility and control you need to optimize your operations.

The admin can add managers/subadmins who can take charge of one or more modules at once. Sub-Admins can manage specific sets of Users, Courses, and Devices within your organization.

  • To add a new subadmin, click on the add button. You will see two tabs by the headings personal & module
  • In the personal tab, the admin can fill in the details of the person such as first name, last name, and others.
  • In the module tab admin can select the module that they want the subadmin to handle.

Subadmin Quicksuite

  • The admin can also select and allow access to subadmin to view, edit, or delete a particular module feature.
  • All the listed subadmins can be seen here with their details such as image, admin info, and phone number.
  • From this status tab admin can change the activity status of a particular subadmin, from active to blocked and vice versa.

Next to this is the action tab which allows quick access to admin to edit the details of a subadmin or delete a subadmin, if required.

Experience the power of Quicksuite and take control of your business operations like never before. Get started today and revolutionize the way you manage your business with Quicksuite. To learn more about sub-admin roles, you can directly reach out to us.

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