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You can add new roles such as manager or Subadmin in Quickworks based on your needs. After that, you may add workers and give them roles. All you have to do is give them the roles. The admin can designate a Subadmin to oversee daily activities. The admin can keep an eye on the access he grants to his managers. He would need to create a position for the manager before adding or creating a Subadmin.

To delegate his work, the admin can use the subadmin feature. The admin can add managers who can take charge of one or more modules at once. Quickrides is an effective platform for ride management. Businesses can use it to optimize daily delivery operations. It makes the smooth integration of management and drivers possible.

In this section, we’ll guide you through the steps involved in adding a Subadmin and giving them roles.
Subadmin Quickrides

  • To add a new subadmin, click on the add button. You will see two tabs by the headings personal & module.
  • In the personal tab, the admin can fill in the details of the person such as first name, last name, and others.
  • In the module tab, the admin can select the module that they want the subadmin to handle.
  • The admin can also select and allow access to subadmin to view, edit, or delete a particular module feature.
  • All the listed subadmins can be seen here with their details such as image, admin info, and phone number.
  • From this status tab admin can change the activity status of a particular subadmin, from active to blocked and vice versa.
  • Next to this is the action tab which allows quick access to admin to edit the details of a subadmin or delete a subadmin, if required.

With Quickrides, the admin has total control over monitoring real-time operations and can obtain a thorough picture of the productivity and workload of the field force.

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Role of Sub-Admin in Taxi Booking App l Admin Panel features l Quickrides- a Ride- Hailing Software

Role of Sub-Admin in Taxi Booking App l Admin Panel features l Quickrides- a Ride- Hailing Software