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Analyze Complete Reports in Quickorders

Task Performance is yet another factor that aids in data comparison. With customizable rule settings, this feature enables you to keep tabs on the profits and job prices of your agents. Users can determine the scope of the evaluation based on numerous parameters by using the Report section. By selecting the dropdown menu next to each section header, the report for the same can be obtained from the necessary sections.

For owners of on-demand businesses, report analysis is essential since it provides a wealth of information about your clientele, including information on where most of your orders originate from, how many orders were placed between specific dates, and more.

Report Feature

How to Analyse Reports in Quickorders?

  • In the report feature, you can see a filter of dates which can help you to find orders according to a particular date.
  • Alongside the date filter, you can see an export button that can help you to export the report file in an Excel file format.
  • The date section tells you the particular date on which the order is placed.
  • Order number refers to the serial number of the order placed. The restaurant’s name denotes the name of the restaurant from which the order is placed.
  • Customer details such as their name and delivery address are also given.

report feature

The report feature also includes the name of the driver delivering the order and their order details such as the creation time of the order with the time at which the order is accepted. Time at pickup is the amount of time for which the driver had to wait at the pickup location and Time picked is the time at which the order is picked up by the driver.

Time way to pickup refers to the time taken by the driver to pick up the order whereas time way to drop off denotes the time taken by the driver to deliver the order. The admin can also see the time at which the order is delivered. Total distance per trip shows the amount of distance traveled by the driver to deliver the order. Order amount denotes the total billed amount of the order.

Using the export option, you can also download a report of the customer details. When taken as a whole, the information from this area focuses in particular on matching performance to processes. The numerous checks supplied on agent performance and task evaluation aid in business growth. The reports are also capable of showing data in real time.

Report feature can help you:

  • Make wise judgments for long-term growth by strategically allocating resources and structuring the supply chain
  • Plan ahead and expand your company by creating geo-specific pricing and promotion guidelines.
  • Determine the efficiency parameter and the direction of improvement based on the agents’ daily performance.
  • Obtain a real-time analysis of business performance based on metrics that range from best to worst.

Custom Reports on Request

Our team can help you set up a bespoke report at your request. Your own data can be presented in a variety of formats in a custom report, including a table, pie chart, line graph, bar chart, heat map, etc. After creating a custom report, you may access the data at any time from the analytics panel on your Dashboard. Additionally, you can download or export the data and request a report through email on a regular basis.

Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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Report Feature

Report Feature