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2023 Alert- Upscale Your Food Delivery Business with a Ready-To-Launch Solution!

2023 Alert- Upscale Your Food Delivery Business with a Ready-To-Launch Solution!
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    January 28, 2023 Last Updated: June 29, 2023


Imagine relaxing on a fun weekend with your friends, watching your favorite web series, and getting your favorite dish delivered online right in front of your door…!! Well, this experience is so fun and convenient that everyone would want to relish this often. Any customer can enjoy a pizza platter in the comfort of their home with just a few clicks. Technology has evolved and transformed every industry by bringing a complete digital revolution. This change has been bringing better business opportunities with the power of the latest tools, applications, and much more. On-Demand Readymade Food Delivery App Development also observed a rapid surge.

Despite the major growth and a pandemic hit, companies like DoorDash, Postmates, and Uber Eats were ready to merge in various combinations. Even after the catastrophe, food delivery services skyrocketed immediately during the lockdown period. Everyone was getting their essentials delivered right to their doorsteps. Readymade food delivery app is the one-stop solution for getting things done. The food delivery business is nowadays considered the fastest-growing business opportunity with high demand and great revenue. More than 15 companies invested in this business back in 2021 and got more than a billion dollars valuation after that. If you are launching your food delivery business, here is the required information to get you started.

Let’s have a clear glance at this topic with some facts and numbers!

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development: Growth, Stats and Market Size

These unicorns have given us the basic idea of the popularity of White label food ordering apps in current times. The growing consumer demand is driving the whole industry to consider On-Demand Readymade Food Delivery App Development and boost their ROIs. If you are about to invest in this beaming market, now is the time to make the most of it!

  • The food business revenue is likely to seek an annual growth rate of 11.93% with volume growth of US $21,955m by 2026.
  • 60% of U.S. consumers take out their diners or order home delivery once a week.
  • White-label food ordering apps like Instacart and Walmart Grocery have seen a surge of 218% and 160% downloads recently.
  • The digital ordering market has increased by 300% as compared to dine-in traffic since 2014.

According to Statista, the revenue of the eServices Online Food Delivery segment Platform-to-Consumer Delivery worldwide would reach around 96,864.4 million USD in 2024.

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Should Your Business Buy Readymade Food Delivery App?

The pandemic and a huge rise in the ordering marketplace have been the primary reason for this boom in the food delivery industry. Being an aspiring entrepreneur, you need to research and plan ahead for starting a hyper-local food delivery aggregator business. Anyone with the money and potential would take a ride on this profitable wave as food delivery startups are sprouting in every corner of the world now.
But what if you can make all this possible with just one click? On-Demand Delivery App Builder & SaaS products can make that possible for you! Starting everything from scratch would be complex and consume a lot of time. A custom-built food delivery app is a big NO-NO!
Customized apps would at least take 6 months, even if you hire the best team in the world. By this time period, you will already have a dozen competitors that would have already captured a major chunk of your customer base.
On the contrary, an On-Demand Readymade Food Delivery App can quickly launch your business and make it go live to attract more investors. You should ONLY buy Readymade Food Delivery App provided by SaaS development websites to start your food delivery business.




Business Models for Food Delivery App Development

Now that you have planned to launch your business with a feature-rich food delivery app, here are three business models that you must consider.

Business models for food business

1) Platform To Consumer Model

Some popular food delivery apps like Uber Eats have used Platform To Consumer Model in order to flourish their business. This model allows customers to order directly from local restaurants via the app platform. In this business model, the restaurant partners are responsible for a fleet of couriers. This model is more profitable as platforms generate revenue from restaurants and customers by charging a fixed amount on both sides.

2) Delivery Service Aggregators

This model is technically an extended part of the Platform to Consumer model. Delivery Service Aggregators are a bridge between customers and local restaurants. In case, consumers face problems with their orders or deliveries, they get complete support on behalf of these restaurants. The platform charges a fee on every successful order transaction like GrubHub, JustEat, and other platforms. Many companies have tried this subscription model so that customers can pay a monthly fee for additional benefits such as free home delivery and documents.

3) Restaurant to Consumer Model

In this model, the restaurant serves food to its customers directly from their locations. Some well-known brands using On-Demand Readymade Food Delivery App are McDonald’s, Burger King, and Domino’s. They also adopted their service from websites and joined other platforms to monetize their approach. Joining hands with DoorDash allows them to not serve by themselves anymore. One such big name that proved to be a game-changer is Dominos. The app allows users to place their orders with a voice recognition system, track delivery and much more.

Features You Get in A White Label Food Ordering App

When it comes to launching your food delivery business with a flick, ready-to-lunch Food Delivery SaaS products are a smart pick. White-label food ordering apps can be used and rebranded without any hindrance. You can launch your brand via deployed app solutions without taking much investment and effort. Let’s have a detailed look at some vital features and functionalities that come along with the app:

Admin Panel

The admin dashboard gives you complete control over activities happening in restaurants and the overall process. Admin can manage the reviews and testimonials of the restaurant by having complete insight towards reports and other important data. This information gives more accessibility to managing the food delivery business without any hassle.

Customer Panel

The customer panel integrates multiple payment options, discounts, geofencing, offers, reviews, and so much more with a simple registration process. The app has almost everything to make the ordering experience easy for customers and service providers as well. This will lead to smoother business operations and better growth without even creating something from scratch.

Delivery Panel

The panel allows delivery agents to process orders on time while securely logging in with specific accounts. This dashboard streamlines deliveries for the day and assigns a task for drivers. Order notifications and details are given with a complete track route for each delivery. It has all the features and options that simplify the process of delivering food orders.

Restaurant Panel

The panel track payments and deliveries easily in one place. Order management and menu management become effortless when you have On-Demand Delivery App Builder. The restaurant owners get to track, compare, and manage daily orders without worrying to keep a record of everything in different places.

Add Value With SaaS-based Food Delivery App Development

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While starting a food delivery venture, most companies prefer On-Demand Readymade Food Delivery App Development due to its ease and flexibility. There are development companies designed specially to host various enterprise applications. On-Demand Delivery App Builder gives you a subscription-based model that leverages payments on a pay-as-you-go basis. The user only pays till he takes the services and features of applications. This process significantly reduces overhead cost, software maintenance cost and bring high savings.

Quick Order Processing

SaaS applications are cloud-based software and eliminate the need to maintain a complex infrastructure. As the hardware difficulties have been removed and a centralized architecture has been set, handling business applications would be easier. Developing On-Demand Readymade Food Delivery App facilitates faster order processing via the POS system. Business owners can own a dedicated SaaS product for food delivery businesses integrated with centralized POS to manage orders efficiently.

Ease of Tracking

Owning a ready-to-launch SaaS food delivery app gets you assured that orders are handled rightly just from the start. The data can be effectively tracked and process orders with minimal complexities. In addition to this, deployed applications can track customer feedback and personal experiences on offline and online channels.

Better Customer Services

A considerable portion of customers prefers online ordering over dine-in facilities these days. The rising demand for online food delivery services has influenced major brands to come and launch their venture in the food and hospitality sector. Many restaurants and cafe franchises buy Readymade Food Delivery App as it paves the way for new revenue streams and improves customer experience as well.

Cost-effective App Maintenance

SaaS applications are hosted on the cloud and do not require a complex hardware infrastructure. As a result, there are no or minimal maintenance costs. This allows enables businesses to scale up or down as per their varying business needs.

Future of the Food Delivery Sector

We don’t have any divine power nor is this a magical world. This technology-driven era has made everything possible with one touch. The demand for food delivery services remains high and this may last forever. As per reports given by Datassential in 2020, 59% of food delivery consumers claimed they will continue using delivery apps even after the pandemic. Big brands such as Uber Eats, Zomato, and others have taken the big slice of the cake. But, still, there is a huge scope for new milestones.
Taking a unique approach and culminating additional features may shout out your brand among the right audience. Buy Readymade Food Delivery App to get the maximum features with minimal spending.

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Do you believe there are ready-made solutions for success? Well, it’s time to take your thinking a step ahead! On-Demand Delivery App Builder understands your customers, appreciates unique needs and develop an app accordingly. Ready-to-use SaaS products are a rage, and customers and business owners can benefit a lot from the solution. The food delivery business has a strong growth curve and it’s the right time to adopt such quick solutions and start a mindblowing business.

Outline Your Business Success with QuickWorks Today!

When it comes to SMART entrepreneurship, reaching out to On-Demand Readymade Food Delivery App Development Company is the first step towards the road. And this is the time when a technology partner like QuickWorks can prove helpful.
QuickWorks is your hub for White label food ordering apps! We have 80% of the app model ready for you to meet your standard business requirements. Once you deploy the SaaS product, we will complete the rest 20% based on your unique branding demands. Businesses can get the opportunity to save a huge amount of money on app development costs and get the read-to-use solution within minutes. QuickWorks welcomes your potential business idea and is ready to exceed your expectations any day. We can help you create a thriving White label food ordering app.

Experience the power of QuickWorks & receive a successive boom in your business growth. Connect with us to learn more about our products and services!




Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

A SaaS-Based application is basically using software on a recurring basis for which the owner must pay subscription fees on a frequent basis. Simply put, it is like renting a house than building your own. Food delivery business owners use SaaS products to access the system and get the entire software suite.

To build a brand like Uber Eats, you need to make something unique and faster. Well, there are dozens of food delivery app development companies that can build your app from scratch. But it’s more convenient to own a successful & market-fit product to get your business started. Business owners get to identify the possible risks and analyze the market on the other hand as well.

An app that allows you to serve any product or service only on demand is On-Demand Delivery App. It empowers a person to make requests through an app and get products conveniently at home. These delivery apps have become the new face of the industry!

Building a custom food delivery app from scratch requires you to invest around $60-$100k and even wait for 6 months to get the complete app. On the other hand, owning a SaaS product gives you the facility to launch the app immediately without any coding. For example, the owner can accept certain number of orders per month under a considerate subscription fee and so on!

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