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Quickworks Admin Guide Part 2: Food Delivery Management

Quickworks Admin Guide Part 2: Food Delivery Management
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    April 28, 2023 Last Updated: June 29, 2023


Want to streamline your on-demand food business with powerful delivery management software that offers a user-friendly interface and reliable experience? Quickworks is proud to introduce the beta version of our next-generation food delivery software – Quickorders. Getting dispatching right can significantly reduce your time to deliver and keep your customer happy to come back for your services. The software is loaded with advanced features and the latest tech stack. It’s like a win-win-win situation for your customers, your drivers, and your business!

In the first part, we talked about “Dashboard”, “User” and “Custom Template”. We’re excited to tell you all about Managing the “Orders” and “Food” (5 subcategories included) Sections in the admin dashboard. If you’re considering beefing up your food delivery business, now’s the time to do it.  Here is our Quickworks Admin Guide Part 2 for you! 


When you have hundreds of orders to analyze or review, there is so much complexity. An Excel export comes in handy when reviewing daily orders, driver positions, etc. If you have hundreds and thousands of orders, then processing may take longer than expected. 



Quickworks makes it simpler for you! Just download all the data in the Excel sheet from the “Orders” Section. The orders are listed as All, Pending, Accepted, Ongoing, Cancelled, Completed & Scheduled

You can see the Down Arrow button for Download where you can save all the data from the dashboard to your computer. 

You can also put in a “Filter” by 

  • Module
  • Payment Type
  • Order Count
  • Order Id
  • Store Name
  • User Name
  • Date Range
  • Start Date/End Date

After putting the data, click on “Apply”. Now you can filter out the data and download it as well. 


You can also create more orders yourself by clicking on “Create Orders”. Enter details like

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Id
  • Phone Number
  • DropOff address
  • Module
  • Merchant
  • Outlet
  • Products
  • Variants

With the new release now, you do not have to wait, you can do your work while the file generation process is working in the background. So, the user can see the progress bar and when it is finished, the file can be downloaded.

You can view the orders by List or Grid view whichever you think may ease out your tracking.

# Cuisine Types

This section consists of different food categories such as Drinks, Noodles, Starters, Grills, Burgers, Fish, Soups, Meat & Chicken, etc. Admin can access the categories by date, Serial No, Status, and Action (Active or Blocked). On the top, there is a search bar where you can search different cuisine. On the right, we have a delete icon to remove a category when no longer needed.

Quickworks Admin Guide

Just along with this, we have a download icon through which the admin can download the data in the Excel sheet directly. Admin has also access to update the Serial No. and add food categories accordingly.

# Categories

Quickworks Food Delivery

In the Categories section, the admin can easily segregate Categories & Sub Categories accordingly. Handle all the teams by editing, deleting, or adding new things. Under Choose Icon, you can add Categories & Sub Categories of food items directly to avoid all the hassle. Similarly, you can download the file and delete a portion as well!

# Brand Management

Under Brand Management Category, the admin can access different brands with Name, Created Date, Status & Action (Active or Blocked). Similarly, you can delete brands and manage them easily through the search filter as well. You can download the entries directly into your computer database. Admin is facilitated to add brands as many as he wants by entering details like Brand Name, Image, and others.

# Restaurants

Admin can Manage Restaurants easily under this category. Access restaurants with Image, Name, Document Status, Type, Restaurants ID, Products, Status, Created Date, and Action. Under Products, the admin can manage restaurant products, inventory, and categories. Under the Action category, the admin can edit outlets, see documents, add holiday slots, and delete a complete restaurant from the list.

Search for a restaurant by entering the Name or Email into the search bar. You can delete a restaurant with the Delete icon and download the entire list with the Download(arrow) icon. See the status of the pending restaurant and whether they are approved or declined under Pending Restaurant Section. Easily add new restaurants under Add Restaurant category.

# Merchant Report

As the name depicts, the merchant report section involves all data where the admin can analyze merchant information. Here you can see Store Name, Order Value, Day, Date, Delivery Fee, Admin Commission, Merchant Commission, Packing Charge, Total Order, Total Tax, and Export Data. Download the report directly into an Excel sheet and save it into your computer database for better security. 

You can apply a filter to differentiate the data according to month or week with particular dates specified.

To be continued…

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