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Quickorders: Prebuilt E-commerce Solution For Modern Trade & Seamless Supply Chain

Quickorders: Prebuilt E-commerce Solution For Modern Trade & Seamless Supply Chain
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    May 8, 2023 Last Updated: June 29, 2023


A huge portion of the young, tech-savvy consumers who value convenience and the seemingly endless product options are driving e-commerce’s explosive rise. According to a report, India’s e-commerce revenues passed the $100 billion threshold in 2023. The pressure to meet clients’ expectations has increased due to the e-commerce industry’s fast growth. As a result, last-mile delivery activities are not always timely, which leads to “Delivery Exceptions”. The number of e-commerce customers in Asia has grown significantly in recent years and so does E-Commerce Order Management Software. 

e-commerce order management software

According to IDC Digital Payments research, Indonesia had more than 222 million e-commerce users in 2022 and is projected to reach 411 million users by 2025, representing an 85% growth rate for this region’s e-commerce industry. E-commerce in Indonesia has a promising future. By 2026, it is predicted to be valued at $17.4 billion in the nation. Out of the 278.3 million people in Indonesia today, 138 million which means roughly 50% of the population shop online. Consumers benefit from an unlimited and diverse range of products thanks to the mobile-first and cloud-first approaches. All this is now possible with e-commerce order management software!
Why not give it a read to understand how e-commerce apps have worked wonders:

How Order Management Software Automated the E-Commerce Industry?

B2B purchasers frequently anticipate a long-term partnership with other B2B e-commerce companies. Hence, a great value in the customer experience. Order fulfillment must be flawless if a B2B customer experience is to be successful. They have been forced to implement digitization due to shifting client expectations and an increase in order complexity. Find out how digitalization has transformed B2B e-commerce in 4 different ways.

best e-commerce inventory management software

1 Making Visibility More Prominent

Before going digital, a representative checked the e-commerce apps for live visibility. Prior to digitization, B2B buyers and companies would have to wait several hours or even days to learn the progress of their orders. B2B logistics companies are now more aware of their order fulfillment processes as a result of digitization. They may now comprehend the status of their order confirmations, on-time delivery performance, bills, payments, or everything linked to order management through notifications in less time with a few clicks into an e-commerce order fulfillment software.

It is now possible to trace orders from beginning to end while working with a variety of partners, including logistics providers, forwarders, and express firms. Businesses can identify and correct order fulfillment issues or inconsistencies using their shipment movement data. 


A wholesale company frequently provides meat to some of restaurants. The majority of restaurants require daily meat shipments, thus they are quite interested in knowing when the meat will arrive. B2B companies can offer visibility into last-mile logistics issues including in-transit shipping, shipment exceptions, service level agreement (SLA) breaches, etc. by investing in Ecommerce app development solution. Customers gain trust in businesses by staying updated about the progress of last-mile orders through prompt updates. 

2 Improving Flexibility in Varied E-Commerce Orders

B2B e-commerce companies used to rely heavily on manual labor for the order preferences of clients. But now it’s challenging for a firm to swiftly adapt new processes efficiently while filling client demands. The manual work keep growing at a certain time which made it more challenging to develop flexibility in handling different business orders. Digitalization has helped B2B e-commerce companies to now adjust their order fulfillment to shifting consumer demands. Instead of depending on laborious and ineffective manual backend operations, e-commerce management software has caused them to concentrate on quicker and more effective delivery techniques. 


A company frequently provides alcoholic beverages to restaurants and retail establishments. Over the holidays, demand for alcoholic beverages peaks. However, there may be unforeseen situations where the demand increases suddenly, such as reports of impending tornadoes, lockdowns, cyclones, or heavy rain. For B2B e-commerce enterprises to succeed, flexibility in order fulfillment is essential. B2B e-commerce companies can optimize their order management depending on client preferences with the help of the best e-commerce inventory management software. It allows companies to make last-minute adjustments to delivery schedules or workflows in response to events like clients delaying orders. 

3 Speed of Completing Orders

Before the advent of digitalization, B2B e-commerce businesses approached each customer differently when it came to the timeliness of order fulfillment. They used outdated, expensive old logistics methods, which prevented them from delivering products on time. Today’s B2B customers need quick deliveries from their B2B e-commerce companies. Now you don’t need to sign contracts with companies that don’t take their obligations to fulfill orders seriously. They expect companies to regularly deliver their products on schedule and as promised, just like B2C customers do. Businesses can improve the flexibility and intelligence of their route planning by digitizing order fulfillment procedures with the best e-commerce inventory management software. After taking into account all real-world constraints like time windows, capacity, traffic, etc., an e-commerce order management software provides the best routes. Routes that are well-optimized reduce time and accelerate deliveries while maintaining the highest level of efficiency. 


A B2B e-commerce company sells medical supplies to pharmacies, hospitals, and rehab facilities. These hospitals, rehab facilities, or drug stores require more drugs if dengue or malaria cases suddenly increase. In such circumstances, there will be a greater demand for medications. Due to the abrupt increase in order volumes, vehicle breakdowns, and unforeseen hurdles, the B2B e-commerce company that supplies them frequently fails to deliver their goods on time. As a result, customers stop trusting the company. An e-commerce management software aids B2B companies in enhancing delivery times by generating optimal routes. It guarantees they can effectively serve the greatest number of B2B customers in the shortest amount of time without taxing their current resources. All of this enhances customers’ interactions with the companies they do business with and win their trust in the process. 

4 Minimizing Order Fulfillment Costs

Prior to the advent of digitalization, it was challenging for businesses to control the price of order fulfillment. The main cause of this was that businesses relied mostly on manual data collection, analysis, and updates and were unable to track thoroughly if they were fulfilling their order fulfillment KPIs on the ground. Businesses are now able to examine thorough and meaningful data on their order fulfillment performance with the increased adoption of e-commerce apps. E-commerce management software can identify inefficiencies and locations where they spent a lot of money unnecessarily thanks to data analysis, and they can fix these problems. 


A B2B company using order management software for e-commerce discovers that 70% of its fleets are dispatched to delivery locations where only 20% of its overall sales are generated. Additionally, it discovers that 50% of route deviations take place in delivery areas where 70% of sales are generated. A B2B company may properly size its fleet requirements and reduce empty miles with the use of the aforementioned insights from e-commerce order management software. With precise analytics, the software can help identify delivery procedures that require improvement by reporting route deviations.

How Can the Best E-Commerce Inventory Management Software Solve Challenges?

If your consumers don’t get their orders in a timely manner, it’s a great disappointment for them. Delivery exceptions affect your business just as unhappy consumers do. 

Your operating expenses soar and your bottom line suffers as delivery exceptions rise. Additionally, it compromises your customer relationships. Hence, It is essential to understand the causes of delayed deliveries in order to resolve or minimize them. The main problem with manual processes is that they are inefficient since there is no end-to-end visibility and orders should be accurately prioritized, scheduled, and updated. If you keep on changing tracking information or updating it manually, your business will miss out on major operations. Customers will only place orders from a business if it offers total transparency in the delivery process. Your delivery order is insufficient if you send an order to the incorrect address or if the intended recipient cannot accept it. The order is returned to the distribution center after unsuccessful deliveries, and another attempt at delivery should be made. Your warehouse storage and delivery logistics expenses will go up as a result. 

Missing supporting paperwork, faulty labeling, inaccurate geocoding, and poor communication are additional significant causes of failed delivery. Customs delays, such as missed flights, customs processes, government action, or port congestion, may also cause delays. Delivery delays occur when your packages are kept at ports for longer than anticipated. 

order management software for e-commerce

  • High Prices and Waste- The process of handling exceptions is difficult and ineffective. They are more expensive and take up limited resources that your company may use more profitably elsewhere. Additionally, each delivery anomaly may result in a reduction in your revenue. Small eCommerce and delivery businesses typically lack the funding necessary to handle delivery exceptions.
  • Greater Overhead- The more time your administrative or customer service staff needs to address a delivery exception, the more overhead they incur. Additionally, the costs are increased each time your vehicle is used to deliver the same order.
  • Loss of Credibility- An unsatisfactory customer experience brought on by a delivery exception invariably results in the loss of a customer and potential earnings. Overall, it affects the reputation of your company’s brand.
  • Delayed Deliveries- Delivery anomalies are unavoidable in the logistics industry nowadays. Customers become angry when deliveries are delayed or not made when they should be.

Solution-  As a result, you should set up a structure and get your company ready to deal with delivery errors successfully. It is clear that e-commerce order management software can enhance business efficiency. You can easily manage your business operations with e-commerce management software and reduce the rate of delayed deliveries. 

Get Ahead of Your Game with QuickOrders!

How you will handle delivery exceptions and see if customers are coming back for purchases or not..???

Knowing how, why, when, and where delivery exceptions occur is the first and most crucial step in managing e-commerce orders. According to a recent study, 94% of respondents said that receiving good customer service increased their likelihood of making another purchase. Keep in mind that a consumer’s purchasing selections might be impacted by a memorable customer service experience. By handling delivery exceptions well with e-commerce order management software, your companies could create a better customer experience and boost repeat business.

e-commerce management software

Visibility is the magnifying lens for your company, allowing you to see the smallest causes of delivery deviations. It becomes more and more challenging to achieve the visibility required to address and resolve all of your delivery exceptions without the aid of technology.  According to a Gartner poll, 50% of supply chain firms will invest in software that supports advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Investments in cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence are now more important than ever. An integrated dispatch management system – Quickorders makes managing your last-mile e-commerce operations easier. With its dispatch planning, live tracking, and geocoding features, you may locate delivery exceptions and address them before they become more serious.

The dispatch management platform also gives managers, enterprise stakeholders, and specialists on the ground the crucial visibility they require. You can obtain timeline views to take immediate action in the event of route deviations with its advanced capabilities and live tracking features. E-commerce order management software allows you to create personalized reports on on-the-ground performance, such as route histories, distance metrics, etc., which aids in identifying trends in delivery exceptions and guiding your management decisions.

Start Your Journey with Quickworks

At Quickworks, we are more focused on customer satisfaction as a primary differentiator for companies. hence we have created the best e-commerce inventory management software with the goal of offering a management tool that manages deliveries and improves e-commerce logistics operations. The most crucial step for offering the best customer experience is price and efficiency: we tend to handle both! With the help of numerous business characteristics, Quickworks has developed a route-planning engine that automatically schedules and optimizes your delivery. A custom e-commerce management software that offers precise pickup and drop-off locations leads to quicker deliveries. 

Additionally, there is a dashboard that provides a complete picture of the field staff at any given time. Online merchants, logistics service providers, and courier dispatching businesses must make sure that every delivery lives up to the expectations of their clients. Today, it is crucial for businesses to adopt the right technology and ecommerce app development services that will enable them to make proactive and actionable decisions that will improve customer service and give them an advantage over rivals.

Quickworks provides eCommerce businesses with the best route optimization software to enhance last-mile deliveries more effectively. On a single, integrated platform, Quickorders order management software for e-commerce automates order fulfillment from order capture to post-fulfillment. The advanced automation features support B2B e-commerce companies in scheduling their delivery while maximizing resource efficiency. Their order management inefficiencies are improved by its analytical insights on orders and real-world fleet tracking, which also reduces errors and inaccuracies. 

Want to improve the client experience by digitizing your order fulfillment procedures? Request a demo from Quickworks right away! 

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