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How To Promote Your E-commerce App: Strategies for Acquiring and Retaining Users

How To Promote Your E-commerce App: Strategies for Acquiring and Retaining Users
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    April 24, 2024 Last Updated: April 24, 2024


A lot of e-commerce companies find themselves investing much in acquiring new clients. The maxim "more customers, more revenue" seems to be quite obvious given the enormous sums of money that are being spent on marketing campaigns, social media advertising, and other techniques to entice new clients.

With more than 5 million apps available for iOS and Android, making your e-commerce mobile app stand out demands careful planning and focused strategies that appeal to your target audience. User engagement on a mobile app gauges how involved and enthusiastic users are. User involvement is assessed by looking at how much time is spent, what is done, and how often it is used.

Gaining and keeping consumers in the crowded app industry of today is harder than ever. Pay close attention to the degree of user involvement because it is critical to determining the success of an e-commerce app solution. The following e-commerce growth strategies are essential for successful app developers: conversion rates, frequency of app openings, active users, session length, intervals, and retention and engagement rates.

When Should You Focus on Customer Retention in the E-commerce Industry?

You need a comprehensive acquisition and retention plan to maximize growth. However, the amount of time (and money) you devote to each method varies greatly depending on the stage of development of your e-commerce business app. When you're just starting out in eCommerce, getting new clients should take up practically all of your attention. You cannot hold onto what you do not possess, after all.

E-commerce Industry

You should consider putting some basic measures into place when your business expands and you start to receive a consistent flow of new clients to retain them. establishing a flow for retention emails. As your company grows older, you should concentrate on retention and acquisition strategies approximately equally. In this case, creating a loyalty program could be a wise choice. Retention should take precedence over all other goals once your business is properly matured, say after five years of steady growth.

One-off transactions won't maximize your profitability at this point. The two cornerstones of every online retail endeavor's success are customer acquisition and retention. If you are already here, then you are probably having trouble both bringing in and keeping new clients. Let us reassure you, nevertheless, that you are not alone in this; many firms have similar challenges. You can employ some tactics to help your e-commerce shop succeed.

These are duties that you may perform with any digital marketing agency, much like the biggest e-commerce companies. A variety of digital marketing services are available to assist you in protecting your brand's visibility. However, we will explore vital strategies in this article that may enable your e-commerce app solution to grasp these crucial elements, guaranteeing long-term expansion and patronage.

Driving Traffic to Your Online Store with E-commerce App Marketing

Consider your e-commerce site's marketing from the perspective of three primary audiences:

  1. Individuals who are aware of your store or who have already made purchases from you
  2. Individuals who are seeking the kind of merchandise that you provide
  3. Individuals who, if they knew about your goods, would be interested in purchasing it

This three-pronged strategy can help you think through your various marketing efforts and how to allocate your time and cash, even though it is a simplistic way of looking at it.

E-commerce App Marketing

You should have a direct channel of connection with your initial audience, or those who are already aware of you, through social media, content marketing, or an e-commerce mobile app. Direct communication with them is available to you for "free" (not including any potential tool purchases). You must figure out how to make your second audience aware of the products you have that are tailored to their demands. This can include content production (such as blogging), search engine marketing, e-commerce app marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

You should consider brand awareness when considering e-commerce app solutions. Are you attempting to solve a problem that they are unaware of yet? Or is the solution of a rival being used by your intended audience? The responses will influence your marketing strategy. You can begin advertising your website to your current clientele as soon as your store is operational. Additionally, we'll go over how to strategically use your advertising budget to reach highly-intent traffic and make your website easy to find for prospective buyers.

Top 5 E-Commerce App Customer Retention Strategies That Successful Brands Used

Customer Retention Strategies

1Automated Reward Programs

Recurring customers receive benefits from automated incentive programs, which motivates them to make more regular purchases. This could mean offering customers coupons and discounts when they hit predefined milestones, such as the number of times they have made purchases from your website or a certain amount spent overall on all orders, or it could mean awarding customers with points for every purchase that they can use toward future purchases.

The following three internet merchants do a great job of keeping consumers by using automatic incentive systems:

  • Ulta Beauty: Through their rewards program, Ulta gives clients points for every purchase they make. These points may then be redeemed for discounts on subsequent purchases. Ulta also uses customized discounts and suggestions to maintain customer enthusiasm in e-commerce growth strategies.
  • Target: Through Target's Circle rewards program, customers may save money on purchases and receive personalized offers based on their purchasing interests. Additionally, Target offers a tiered rewards system that lets consumers accrue additional benefits and privileges for making larger purchases from the company.
  • Amazon: Another online store that uses automated reward programs to retain clients is Amazon. Subscribing to Amazon's Prime membership program entitles users to free and expedited shipping, special discounts and offers, and free music, movie, and TV show streaming, among other benefits. By offering these perks, Amazon is able to persuade customers to become Prime members and keep them active, increasing customer retention and lifetime value. All things considered, these online retailers use automatic incentive systems to encourage recurring business and gradually cultivate client loyalty. They can maintain consumer engagement with the brand and entice them to make long-term purchases by providing individualized incentives and offers.

2Rewards for Referrals

An incentive referral program is a cost-effective way to boost customer retention by rewarding existing customers for referring others to your website. You can do this by offering promotional codes or bonuses for successful referrals (i.e., offering them points or money when someone signs up using their referral link). The referral program benefits both sides since it gives current customers an additional tool for promoting your e-commerce app solution and increases the likelihood of bringing in new clients and increasing revenue.

Incentive referrals are used by the following three internet merchants as a client retention tactic:

  • Dropbox: Offers free storage space to users who suggest others and result in a new client sign-up. By employing this incentive referral program, the business has retained its present clientele while growing its user base.
  • Harry's: Harry's, a store of men's grooming products, gives its customers discounts and free merchandise for every new customer they suggest. Harry's has profited from this program by gaining more new clients and retaining its existing clientele by offering incentives for referring friends and family.

These e-commerce businesses typically use incentive referrals to entice their existing customers to recommend new consumers to the company, which helps them retain their present clientele and grow their clientele. By offering referral rewards, they can eventually enhance customer retention and convert their present customers into brand ambassadors.

3Retargeting advertisements for customers

Using cookies and tracking pixels saved in web browsers, customer retargeting adverts find people who have already visited your website but have not yet completed the required action (i.e., making a purchase). Through various ad platforms like Google Ads and social media networks like Facebook Ads, you can target them with personalized messages about products they might be interested in based on their previous browsing activity on your website, ultimately bringing them back and encouraging them to convert into paying customers.

These three internet merchants use E-commerce app promotions to successfully keep their customers:

  • Amazon: Amazon uses customer retargeting advertisements to show users items they have browsed or added to their basket but haven't bought. Through retargeting ads, Amazon may remind customers of the products they have shown interest in and encourage them to come back to the website to complete their purchase.
  • Zappos: Zappos uses customer retargeting adverts to show products to users who have visited the website but haven't completed a transaction. By bringing customers back to the website, retargeting ads assist Zappos in preserving brand awareness to grow e-commerce app users and encourage them to complete their purchases.

These e-commerce companies utilize client retargeting advertising to remind customers about products they have shown interest in but haven't bought. This increases the likelihood that a customer will make another purchase and helps retain existing customers. By using retargeting advertisements, an e-commerce app solution may keep their brand in front of customers' minds and encourage them to visit the website again to complete their transactions.

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4Reviews and Ratings

Customer ratings and reviews provide enlightening input on your products and services, building confidence with both current and prospective clients. Five-star user reviews are a common feature of e-commerce websites, allowing prospective buyers to quickly assess how popular an item is before deciding whether or not to buy it from you. Positive evaluations also comfort buyers that the goods they're buying are of a high caliber, which makes it more likely that they'll continue with you in the long run rather than going elsewhere for their needs at first.

These three e-commerce sites have used reviews and ratings to their advantage to successfully retain customers:

  • Amazon: To keep customers coming back, one of the biggest online merchants uses reviews and ratings. After completing a purchase, shoppers can rate and review products, helping other buyers make decisions. By allowing customers to express their opinions, Amazon can gain their confidence and trust. Recurring purchases may increase as a result of this.
  • Etsy: As part of a successful customer retention strategy, Etsy encourages buyers to write evaluations and ratings for the things they have purchased. Etsy also provides a way for buyers to communicate directly with merchants, which can foster enduring relationships and trust.
  • Chewy: As part of an effective client retention strategy, Chewy lets users leave evaluations and ratings for products they've bought. After a purchase, Chewy also sends customers an email asking them to leave reviews, which can help to increase consumer engagement and encourage repeat business for the e-commerce industry.

Overall, by providing a platform for customers to express their opinions and engage with the company, these e-commerce companies use customer reviews and ratings to keep customers. By earning their clients' confidence and reputation, e-commerce app solutions can foster long-term partnerships and encourage repeat business.

5Social Media Engagement

Social media is a great way for e-commerce app solutions to interact with their audience by posting interesting content and holding giveaways or competitions that drive traffic to your website. Furthermore, e-commerce businesses can create exclusive social media campaigns for their fans, such flash sales or early access sales, to encourage more people to visit their stores and fortify the links between their brands and clients.
The three e-commerce companies listed below interact with clients on social media to improve client retention:

  • Casper: To improve client retention, the sleep solutions company Casper provides customer care on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. By answering their queries and addressing their worries on social media, Casper can create enduring relationships with its customers.
  • H&M: By using user-generated content on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, H&M aims to improve customer retention. Clients are urged to mention H&M in social media posts showcasing their outfits, which the company regularly shares on its platforms. By displaying user-generated content and connecting with its fans on social media, H&M e-commerce mobile app can build a community of brand promoters and eventually inspire repeat business.

By building a strong social media community of brand enthusiasts, leveraging influencer connections and user-generated content, and providing customer assistance on social media platforms, these e-commerce companies use social media engagement to grow e-commerce app users.

5 E-Commerce Growth Strategies to Promote Your Online Store

Let's look at e-commerce app marketing tactics you may use to increase traffic to your new online store, from marketing to current consumers to attracting new ones.

E-Commerce Growth Strategies

1Make Use Of Your Email List And Continue To Grow It

Having a solid email marketing plan is crucial, even for physical stores. Get the email addresses of as many individuals as you can, including clients, potential clients, attendees of your events, etc. All of those folks will be able to get an email from you when you launch informing them that they can visit your store online.

Now could be a good time to think about sending your email list subscribers a promotion or even a referral discount to entice them to tell their friends and family about your website. Make sure that you keep gathering email addresses on your website because email is still one of the most powerful marketing methods available to e-commerce sites. Some companies use pop-up boxes to ask customers to provide their email addresses in exchange for a brief promotion, such as free shipping or 15% off their first purchase.

Additionally, you need to make sure that you are communicating with your email list consistently. Establish a consistent email schedule and incorporate news, updates, product announcements, and other events that could entice readers to your e-commerce app solution.

2Expand Your Natural Social Media Reach

You should seize every chance to increase your web presence with your firm. Giving your social media accounts a little more love and making sure they're filled with eye-catching photos and interesting videos is one of the simplest and most efficient methods.

Using relevant hashtags, collaborating with bloggers who are active in the e-commerce industry, and doing giveaways are all excellent additional strategies to make the most of social media. This is the time to expand your social media presence as one of your e-commerce app customer retention strategies. Publish more often and devote a little more effort to producing captivating short films and visually rich content. Increasing interaction with your followers raises the possibility that their followers may become aware of your brand. Promote sharing and include content created by users.

It's time to work on your social media presence if it needs it. It's not necessary to be everywhere. Make sure you are active on the e-commerce app marketing platforms that matter most to your target audience and focus your efforts there.

3Optimize Your App Store Presence

This is among the greatest methods for acquiring new users for mobile apps. Making sure your app converts is essential because it's frequently the initial point of contact for prospective users with your e-commerce business.

e-commerce mobile app

The following are some crucial guidelines to remember to boost e-commerce mobile app downloads:

  • Appealing Title: Highlight the benefits of your mobile app with important keywords.
  • Descriptive Subtitle: Highlight the applications and use cases of the title to explain. Draw attention to your mobile app's USPs, or unique selling characteristics, or any other features that set it apart.
  • Screenshots: Use screenshots to highlight key UI components or features of your program. Remember to add captions to these pictures.
  • Video Demo: An engaging way to highlight your mobile app's value propositions for the user experience is through a video demo. Grab people's attention with a well-designed, easily remembered visual emblem.
  • Detailed Description: Clearly state all the important functions and benefits they provide for consumers of your mobile app. Include keywords and pertinent information in this description. It will be easier for you to connect with your intended audience if you have comprehensive information about your app.
  • Reviews: Request favorable ratings and reviews from contented clients. because before downloading an app, a lot of potential customers prefer to check reviews. Increased app downloads will result from favorable ratings and reviews.

Additionally, to guarantee prompt implementation of fixes for bugs, performance concerns, etc., e-commerce app solution upgrades must undergo extensive testing. To assess the efficacy and success of these updates, user input for every version must also be closely monitored.

4Optimize Your Site For SEO

There are many aspects of search engine optimization (SEO), and attempting to optimize can send you down a very dark and dangerous rabbit hole. If you're just getting started, consider the following points for e-commerce app marketing.

Consider yourself from the perspective of your user: what questions does your target market have, and how does it discuss your products? Be mindful of the content on the page. The terms "product titles and descriptions," "images," "blogs," and other information you may have are all considered forms of on-page content. Make sure the material answers your consumers' questions and makes natural use of the words they could use to look for similar products.

Additionally significant are meta tags. Like headlines for a search engine, title tags assist the engine in determining the topic of each page. Your website should have a distinct title tag for every page. Each page's meta description is a brief synopsis. Users will notice your title tag and meta description before anything else when they visit your website through a search engine results page.

One of the best e-commerce app customer retention strategies to drive traffic to your website and establish your brand as an authority in your industry is to produce high-quality content for consumers who are in the market to purchase your goods.

5Try Out Google Ads

You can bid on keywords when using Google Ads for search engine marketing to get the top spot on search engine results pages. Search engine optimization is important for landing that desired "top spot," but be aware that Google Ads will still appear first.

Because it doesn't require any design and can be a very successful way to drive new people to your website, search engine marketing is a terrific approach to advertise it. Real-time results will be sent to you, and you can modify your e-commerce growth strategies to perform as you go ahead.

How You Can Promote Your Store?

e-commerce app solution

Although it may seem overwhelming to sell online for the first time or to improve your online presence to the point where it becomes an essential retail channel, it is achievable, especially if you take it one step at a time. To attract the first consumer base for eCommerce, you should set up a strong customer acquisition channel with an e-commerce app solution. Next, develop a plan of action to promote recurring purchases, laying the groundwork for gradually broadening acquisition and retention tactics in the future.

eCommerce companies may handle both acquisition and retention at the same time by putting new strategies into practice, such as memberships and subscriptions. E-commerce businesses establish a consistent and predictable revenue stream by implementing subscription-based models, which encourage client loyalty through frequent interactions. Conversely, memberships provide customers with unique advantages and customized experiences that boost their value proposition and promote sustained loyalty.

88% of customers who have had a negative experience with an eCommerce website will never visit it again. Add to that the fact that 98% of visitors to eCommerce sites leave without making a purchase. Why: problems with the user experience that irritate visitors (again)?

Quickworks provides an e-commerce app solution for this issue!

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We've doubled the conversion rates of more than 500 eCommerce stores while also improving customer experience.

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Quickworks has developed a range of adaptable applications that address every part of consumer engagement, ranging from loyalty and rewards schemes to memberships and subscriptions. Our e-commerce app solutions are more than simply tools; they are all-inclusive customer loyalty-boosting solutions with strong APIs, smooth connections, and automation features. These tools are intended to improve and streamline your strategy for engaging customers.

Our e-commerce mobile app solutions offer the flexibility and effectiveness required, whether your goal is to build enduring relationships or draw in new clients. Start retaining more customers for your online store right now- Trust Quickworks!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The best channels for acquiring users for your e-commerce app depend on your target audience and budget. However, some effective channels include social media advertising, influencer marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), app store optimization (ASO), email marketing, and referral programs.

Effective customer retention strategies for e-commerce apps include personalized recommendations, loyalty programs, post-purchase engagement, timely customer support, exclusive offers, and targeted email campaigns. Building strong relationships with your customers and providing exceptional experiences are key to retaining them.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is crucial for promoting your e-commerce app as it helps improve your app’s visibility and ranking in app store search results. By optimizing your app’s title, description, keywords, screenshots, and reviews, you can attract more organic app downloads and increase your app’s discoverability.

Some of the biggest challenges of promoting an e-commerce app include intense competition, user acquisition costs, retaining users, building trust and credibility, staying updated with app store guidelines and algorithms, and ensuring a seamless user experience. Overcoming these challenges requires a well-planned marketing strategy, continuous optimization, and delivering value to your users.

Email marketing is crucial for e-commerce apps as it allows you to engage with your audience directly, nurture relationships, drive traffic to your app, promote products, and increase sales. With targeted email campaigns, you can deliver personalized content, recommendations, and offers to your subscribers, resulting in higher conversion rates and customer loyalty.

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