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How to Create an On-Demand Liquor Delivery App Like Drizly?

How to Create an On-Demand Liquor Delivery App Like Drizly?
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    December 13, 2023 Last Updated: December 13, 2023


Due to its quick home delivery, online food and drink delivery saw a significant increase throughout the pandemic. The majority of these enterprises moved from physical stores to online platforms. An on-demand liquor delivery app that enables companies to deliver alcohol right to customers' doorsteps is one of the revolutions. Today alcohol delivery app development is moving quite quickly, and apps like Drizly are becoming more and more popular.

Drizly alcohol delivery app is the biggest e-commerce platform that operates in over a hundred locations and provides doorstep delivery of alcohol to its consumers. If you want to create an app similar to that for the delivery of alcoholic beverages, you can take into account the significant change in the application's market.

To obtain a comprehensive understanding of on-demand alcohol delivery platforms it is vital to grasp multiple facets of online alcohol ordering and delivery.

Facts and Statistics: Alcohol Delivery App Development Market

Understanding the liquor delivery app market you intend to enter is the first step. Allow us to assist you in gaining a general understanding of alcohol delivery app development landscape before we get into detail on how to build a Drizly-like app. Examine the data and information below to learn more:

Alcohol Delivery App Development Market

- By 2025, it's anticipated that the value of the worldwide alcohol e-commerce sector would surpass 42 billion US dollars.
- According to the International Wines and Spirits Record (IWSR), e-commerce sales pertaining to alcohol are expected to rise by 66% between 2020 and 2025.
- In the US, twelve states enable the delivery of any type of alcohol, whereas thirty-one states only allow the delivery of wine and beer. Seven states do not permit the distribution of alcohol in any form.
- China is the biggest market for on-demand alcohol delivery platforms. Apps like Drizly were used to place over 70% of online liquor delivery orders.
- On-demand liquor delivery apps were used by 32% of US consumers and 62% of Brazilian consumers to place orders for alcohol delivery. This further demonstrates that online liquor store entrepreneurs need more than just a website.
- In the alcohol eCommerce space, some of the leading companies are Drizly, Saucey, and Minibar. Sales of Drizly are derived from mobile apps to the tune of 70%.

A large number of people worldwide are unfamiliar with the idea of online alcohol delivery. One of the main challenges the liquor delivery app sector is experiencing is awareness. Despite this, the industry is expanding, and as more people become aware, the need for new alcohol distribution platforms is probably going to increase.

Understanding the Business Model of Drizly Alcohol Delivery App

Utilizing a novel business strategy, Drizly doesn't deliver or sell alcohol. In actuality, there are no products on it. All orders are routed to its partner stores using this fantastic software. Additionally, utilizing their own inventory and delivery staff, the stores are in charge of completing all delivery requests. Examine these two primary categories to have a deeper comprehension of the Drizly business model.

Drizly business model

Retail Store Partnership: Having reputable suppliers on board is critical to having satisfied customers. Drizly conducts in-depth investigations of each store before working with them to achieve this. The verification process depends on several factors, including the store's product selection, costs, range, delivery staff, and so forth. Drizly interfaces with retail liquor businesses' POS systems only once the first check is finished. Drizly's robust tech suite enables its partner stores to rapidly receive and process orders. The on-demand liquor delivery app has a large consumer base, a wide reach, and strong brand awareness. It facilitates the connection of partner liquor outlets with new customers and increases sales.

Respect for the Law: Every state has a varied set of laws governing the delivery of alcohol online. Playing like a shrewd player, Drizly alcohol delivery app clearly understands the same! To adhere to the legislation defining the legal drinking age, it uses a stringent age verification procedure. The online alcohol ordering and delivery platform ensures that alcohol delivery on demand is not available to minors. Before placing an order for alcohol, the customer must confirm their age using an online process. Additionally, the drivers have access to a special mobile app for ID verification. Upon delivery, they can use it to scan each customer's ID. The drivers merely decline the delivery if the verification is inconsistent.

Here are some advantages of using a Drizly-like app:

  • In a flash, customers can use the app to order their preferred liquor.
  • Consumers can peruse several booze brands and selections from any location.
  • Using the on-demand alcohol delivery platform, customers can purchase liquor from local businesses and save time by doing it manually.
  • Users of the app can save a significant amount of money and take advantage of appealing discounts.
  • Customers can use tools like order monitoring and different payment choices to have a pleasant experience when shopping for booze.
  • Customers can take advantage of an excellent in-app experience because of its user-friendly UI/UX. A liquor delivery app such as Drizly more accurately assesses user preferences to enhance the user experience.

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Features You Must Have for Your Online Alcohol Ordering and Delivery Application

You need to get a faster alcohol delivery app development process and better features to stand out from the competition. To engage more users, create an alcohol delivery app that can incorporate several inventive functionalities.

 Alcohol Ordering app features

Login with social media

Customers should have the option to log into their social network accounts for convenience. Convenience and time savings from the agony of password memory will result from it. Using the on-demand alcohol delivery platform using a Google or Facebook account is a fantastic feature.

Individual profile

A personal profile is one of the fantastic features offered to consumers. Using past orders and payment details, it is also feasible to trace the present order. When individuals order booze online through an online alcohol ordering and delivery application, they receive additional benefits.

Age Verification

Whether you are banning the service or suing, the age requirement needs to be the top priority on your liquor delivery application. To provide your distribution service, you must have an ID or driver's license scanner for bars in your application. Furthermore, it is important to note that every country has unique legal rules about alcohol, which vary from one another.

Sort filter

On-demand alcohol delivery app development makes it simple to locate your preferred alcoholic beverage. You will have an easy time finding everything you want on the online application, making it a user-friendly and time-saving experience.

Time of delivery

The delivery timetable is the application's final and most crucial component. For celebrations and events, the order delivery can be scheduled. Those who buy tickets online and get them delivered in real-time are benefiting greatly from this. Additionally, push alerts are offered to aid with order tracking and timely delivery.

Real-Time Order Tracking

For customers, waiting times are a major issue. Offering customers live order monitoring is therefore the first thing you need to do. Additionally, you have the option to create a logbook with the order data so you can remember what you've already ordered and place new orders.

Client Support

If there is ever an inconvenience, there ought to be someone to talk to. There ought to be a help desk where people may ask questions.

Push Alerts

To manage pending requests, discounts, and customized updates, push notifications must be given so that customers can easily access them on the liquor delivery app.

Build a Drizly-like App: Succeed Ahead with These 6 Steps

Let's go right to the point and discover how to create an alcohol delivery app like Drizly. Here are some major points that you must consider:

Build a Drizly-like App

Step 1: Gather Market Data

Your chances of success are higher the more robust your research is. Determine the market's size, the extent of your concept, and any obstacles you might encounter. Analyze the market as a whole, your competitors, and your target audience as well. Understand your resources and budget and match them to your objectives.

You can also begin the initial planning for alcohol delivery app development, launch, and promotion at this point. To illustrate your concept and present it to others, you can actually begin building app wireframes or prototypes. The app prototype can also be used to secure funding and identify appropriate collaborators and stakeholders.

Step 2: Obtain Legal Approvals

It's no secret that purchasing and selling alcohol involves complex legal issues. It needs specific authorization from administrative agencies in different places. Prior to making any significant commitments or investments, obtain the necessary clearances to build a Drizly-like app.

Seek legal counsel and make sure you comply with all local, state, federal, and international rules and regulations (based on the scope and use-case of your business). While certain situations could only require this once, others would need to regularly follow and put particular regulations into effect. Once you have mastered this section, confidently move forward with development.

Step 3: Create and Design the Application

This stage will be a lot simpler if your prototype is already in place. Complete the design and layout of your mobile app, as well as the UI and UX. Choose a technology or development approach and start creating your app.

We advise you to use a no-code platform to create an alcohol delivery app and stay ahead. Create, customize, and develop your app independently, or ask others to work with you on it. Include the essential features and give your app a comprehensive preview.
You can test your mobile app after your builds for iOS and Android are complete. Invite clients, beta testers, and stakeholders to utilize the app and offer feedback.

Step 4: Testing and Quality Assurance

To guarantee a flawless user experience, thoroughly test your on-demand booze delivery app on a variety of hardware and operating systems. Test the functionality, usability, and performance of on-demand alcohol delivery platform while addressing any issues or malfunctions that surface.

Step 5: Launch Your App & Gather User Feedback

Create a solid launch plan for your on-demand alcohol delivery application. Use influencer marketing, social media, and focused ad campaigns to raise awareness and draw in early adopters. To promote early user involvement, provide promotional incentives.

Urge users to post reviews and comments directly within the app. Examine these comments to find areas that need work and potential additions that will improve the user experience. To keep ahead of the competition and solve customer issues, update your online alcohol ordering and delivery app frequently.

Step 6: Scale Your Business

As your app for on-demand alcohol delivery takes off, concentrate on growing your business. Develop alliances with other suppliers, broaden your geographic reach, and allocate funds towards infrastructure for customer support. Keep an eye on the market of alcohol delivery app developments and modify your business plan as necessary.

How to Create an Alcohol Delivery App in Just a Few Hours?

The pandemic has offered opportunities to startups and they entered the liquor industry with a boom. Millennials rely on on-demand liquor delivery apps to meet their essential requirements. In just a few months, there was an enormous surge in the demand for online alcohol ordering and delivery businesses. Most of the businesses elevated their booze delivery services to a new level by satisfying clients' demands more quickly and delivering liquor right to their doorsteps. The Drizly alcohol delivery app performed admirably during the lockout, as did a few other similar apps.

Create an Alcohol Delivery App

Everything can be ordered and delivered with just a few clicks. It's no longer a huge problem to get your favorite liquor delivered right to your door. Numerous companies and brands, such as Drizly and Flaviar, are succeeding in the alcohol retail sector. As more consumers become aware of the availability of on-demand booze delivery, new players can enter the fray and contribute to a market with enormous unrealized potential. The moment is ripe to shift your focus from physical stores to digital on-demand alcohol delivery platforms.

We help businesses succeed as quickly as possible!
You too can create an alcohol delivery app to attract users, boost revenue, and enhance sales. Quickworks is here to help you with that! We go above and beyond your expectations by offering unique features and top functionalities in our on-demand liquor delivery app solution. Get quick access to alcohol delivery app development by reaching out to our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Indeed. Similar to Drizly, the alcohol delivery app has a lot of potential in the on-demand market of today. You can invest if there is a market for it and you meet the requirements for the business (verify this with your state’s rules). While you’re at it, you ought to look at the competitors as well.

Every partner store that Drizly partners with costs a monthly licensing fee, which varies based on a number of variables and can be anywhere from $100 to $10,000. Customers of Drizly are additionally charged a $5 delivery fee. Other than that, neither store owners nor customers incur any additional fees when utilizing the Drizly platform.

Since the sector is still relatively young and has less competition, developing an app for alcohol delivery would be a good idea. However, many nations and regions have varied regulations and legal requirements for alcohol delivery services. However, do check the regulations to see whether you need a different license to deliver alcoholic beverages.

The price ranges for developing apps are very different. The type of your liquor delivery app, the intricacy of its features and functionalities, the location of app development, billable hours, and other variables all affect alcohol delivery app development techniques. Quickworks provides a quick turnaround time and cuts down the price.

The best way to create an alcohol delivery app without coding is to integrate Quickdelivery solution into your business. Launch your app for iOS and Android users and set up your store in a matter of minutes. Get in touch to learn more!

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