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To help the admin process the settings easily we have introduced this feature. Within Settings section, the admin possesses the capacity to personalize the settings of their business under various fields:

Project Details: In this subsection, the admin can modify the general settings of the project App Name, Company Name, Admin URL, Merchant URL, and Website URL among other details. This encompasses customizing the project, managing API keys & URLs, editing profiles, changing passwords, and making billing settings.
Settings Quickrides

Project Themes: This subsection focuses on the project color theme. Here, the admin can effectively manage the color settings for both end customers and panels.

Project Images: In this section, the admin can efficiently oversee the project’s images like the Admin Logo, Small Admin Logo, Merchant Login Banner, and Admin Login Banner.

Settings Quickrides

Status Configuration: Within this subsection, the admin can configure order status. This includes modifying the language, labels, and titles, and even incorporating cancellation charges and time limits.

Plugins: In this subsection, the admin has various plugin options that can be integrated to the panel. The plugin options include Payment Gateways, SMS gateways, Email Services, and more.

Tools: In the tools subsection, the admin can perform bulk orders. The admin needs to upload a bulk order image and he can manage module settings effectively.

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How to Add Users

How to Add Users

How to Access the Dashboard

How to Access the Dashboard

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