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Every new order or the fulfillment of an existing order needs notification. Push Notifications can be enabled and disabled, and email notifications can have their content changed on an individual basis. By sending personalized emails and SMS notifications to the customers linked to each activity, Quickrides fully automates the communication process. The admin can set up peak hours on a specific day of the week to set up notifications in case no orders are received during those hours.

Push notifications are available to customers who have downloaded your mobile app and selected to receive messages. Receiving updates based on these notifications might help you understand how your service is trending during the day. Please follow the instructions below to configure notifications:

Notifications Quickrides

The notification feature in Quickrides allows the admin to broadcast and manage notifications effortlessly. Admin has the access to set the notifications for all users or send it to particular users by searching for them in the search box, hence making it a user-specific notification or they can send the notification to all the users by clicking on send to all users option.

  • To send a new notification, the admin is required to add a notification title and notification message.
  • After filling in the required details, the admin needs to select particular users or they can select all the users.
  • Select the desired number of users and click on the ‘send notification’ button.
  • The admin can also view the history of all the broadcast notifications sent in the past.

Push notifications are powerful because they can alter how you interact with and keep people in real-time. Unlike other retention techniques, Push is a channel where you have total control. You may automate notifications with Push Notifications based on user behavior on your application. To make sure the content you send is fresh, relevant, and tailored, you may also segment your audiences. Choose a different push notification platform if your current one doesn’t have these features. As long as they are linked to the internet, users can be anywhere and still receive these notifications.

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How Notifications Work in Taxi Booking App l Admin Panel l Quickrides l Ride Hailing Software

How Notifications Work in Taxi Booking App l Admin Panel l Quickrides l Ride Hailing Software