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This is the dashboard for Quickrides, a smooth ride-hailing app developed by Quickworks. With Quickrides, your company can save both time and money by efficiently planning routes quickly and simply. The mobile application is accessible on both iOS and Android operating systems and is automatically updated.

Upon successful login, the admin is presented with this dynamic admin dashboard. Its left-hand side has a sidebar menu that makes it simple to navigate to all of the functions. The routes will launch immediately in the application when agents click the provided link to access them on their mobile devices.
Dashboard Quickrides

A widget that allows the admin to alter the panel’s theme is located on the right side of the screen. The admin panel’s overall theme can be changed to either light or dark, and they can also alter the color schemes of the sidebar menu and topbar.

Interactive feature cards are located in the center and provide an overview of many statistics, including the total number of bookings, the number of completed bookings, the number of continuing reservations, the number of new users, and many more details. The admin can access a certain card’s detailed features by clicking on it to obtain more information.

The section with the heat map shows the locations of booking hotspots, which represent user activity in a certain area and indicate where the majority of bookings are made each month. This is a list of reservations along with their approval, cancellation, or fulfillment status.
Dashboard Quickrides

This graph shows the amount of cash and internet revenue generated in terms of days and hours within a given month. It displays the total income for the previous and current months.

The part with the pie chart shows how the revenue is distributed among the various cuisine categories. The admin can easily identify high-demand locations and generate substantial earnings with the aid of this information. This monthly report makes it easier to compare the admin’s revenue with the previous months.

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How to Access the Dashboard

How to Access the Dashboard