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E-commerce App Development Trends 2023: Prepare Your Business For the Future!

E-commerce App Development Trends 2023: Prepare Your Business For the Future!
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    February 24, 2023 Last Updated: June 29, 2023


Can you imagine how many people shop online today?  In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to 5.2 trillion U.S. dollars and are expected to grow by 56% over the next years, reaching about 8.1 trillion dollars by 2026. Creating your own app with an E-commerce mobile app development company can grow your business effectively.

Receiving an in-store experience while being convenient at home has driven a lot of customers’ attention. E-commerce businesses are innovating and becoming a part of the everyday life of people. Users are making increasingly more purchases from online stores on a daily basis. E-commerce app development plays a major part here! eCommerce apps have transformed the whole online purchasing process and have popular. According to Google’s survey, 58% of eCommerce mobile app users utilize them for comparing prices, reading product reviews, and searching offers. However, 66% of users make at least one purchase a week. E-commerce mobile app downloads experienced a high rise during the pandemic. These apps are here to stay as a strong pillar of the global economy. The eCommerce market is expected to reach a market volume of $5.88 trillion with an 11.58% CAGR from 2022 to 2025. Advanced technology and excellent features engage customers with an entirely new online shopping experience.

Why Do You Need an E-commerce Mobile Application for Your Business?

E-commerce app development company

1 Ensure the Comfort of Customers

Rule #1 of business- “Customer comes first”! Even if a potential buyer has not used any application, the very presence of your app suggests you have a prior approach towards it. You may offer customers more choices that your competitors might not. Make sure you deploy and launch your app soon in the market.

2 Strengthen Your Brand

With E-commerce app development, you are clarifying that you will not close “tomorrow” since you have built such a strong method of communication.  eCommerce apps are often used by active internet users who are looking out for new things in the market.

3 Create Customer Loyalty

An app becomes a medium for strengthening your brand and creating customer awareness. This is why people root their logos and opt for high UI-UX for better user engagement. Make sure your app is simple and easy to use so that no one gets confused and buys products conveniently. Segregation of user and admin panel helps a lot in this.

4 Cost Reduction

A vendor can spend less on maintenance by opting for solutions like QuickOrders. A ready-to-launch software is less expensive and requires less capital. Small and medium-scale businesses who want to generate good revenue but don’t have sufficient investment can take advantage of QuickWorks’ E-commerce app development services.

5 Faster Purchasing Process

If products are listed systematically within an app, customers can shop more quickly than usual. They can browse a variety of items and purchase what they actually desire. Users can shop for that things round-the-clock which are unavailable locally. E-commerce app offers flexibility to vendor and users as well.

6 Price Comparison

If a customer’s product demand is not met, they can compare products and prices with solid alternatives. Since all the data is available on a single app, it saves everyone’s time while performing this comparison. Customers enjoy flexibility and buy products accordingly.

7 Multiple Payment Modes

eCommerce mobile apps offer a variety of payment methods like cash on delivery, card on delivery, net banking, credit/debit card,  pay later credit, and much more. Users now don’t have to miss out on potential sale opportunities due to a lack of payment options

8 Instant Rewards

Allow your customers to get a discount on the first purchase or by referring to a friend. Give suggestions on product characteristics and what exactly is suitable for specific users.

“Social Sharing is a Free Advertisement”
Let customers share their experience of using your products or apps with friends. Let them promote your platform. You can integrate public sharing buttons, you can maximize user engagement with such additional features.

5 E-commerce Mobile App Development Trends That You Can’t-Miss Out!

A new business owner will find himself at the crossroad of building and launching his venture with technology maturity. If you are one of them, you need to look out for these E-commerce business trends!

E-commerce mobile app development

1 Chatbots

Chatbots foster customer engagement! User interaction is important to build engagement with customers. E-commerce app development services open up a channel for these interactions and help customers feel connected with your brand. Getting queries resolved instantly can also drive better conversions. Chatbots offer a medium to solve these queries, receive feedback, and do so much more. Brand relationships result in amplifying brand loyalty.

2 Voice search

Voice search makes eCommerce more convenient for users. Voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have fueled the growth of E-commerce mobile apps. According to a recent forecast, E-commerce app development is said to grow by $80 billion in the year 2023. Even this feature can take customers’ feedback by asking them about their purchase experience. Businesses that still are not adopting voice assistants are missing out on a huge opportunity.

3 Visual Search

Another major and emerging technology in E-commerce mobile app development is visual search. Visual search has gained traction as companies like Pinterest are already using this technology. Customers can now shop for products using their camera and visual search. All they need to do is upload images from social media profiles, mobile galleries, or web pages. They will be shown products similar to the image that they have uploaded.

4 AR and VR

What began with video games like Pokemon Go has gone so far now! Augmented reality and Virtual reality improve user engagement by giving them an immersive experience. AR?VR let the user experience products in real-world scenarios with computer-generated technology and real-life live images. eCommerce companies like Amazon, Ikea, and others have leveraged the use of AR technology to amplify user experiences in online retail and e-commerce. In addition to this, E-commerce app development let customers experience how products look in every space. Leveraging this technology means stimulating a real-world environment in the virtual world. many industries like fashion, real estate, and more have benefitted from this technology.

5 Artificial intelligence

Today AI-powered search engines enhance traditional search facilities with sophisticated machine learning algorithms to enhance eCommerce apps. Using these insight engines makes internal searches more personalized and gets accurate results. E-commerce Mobile App Development company builds AI-powered eCommerce apps to maximize profitability and offer inventory management at the right time. Such apps improve damage detection while increasing product flow and reducing delivery time.

E-commerce app development

Business Models For E-Commerce Mobile Apps

E-commerce apps have grown to heights, and all credit is given to smartphones! The massive success of the retail market has spurred enterprises to generate more revenue. Every mobile application is differentiated by its features and technologies. E-commerce apps that are created to fit specific corporate goals with operating models. The eCommerce mobile app plays a vital role as a medium of sales for your business and attracts more customers. You can decide and fit your business into one of these four major categories:

E-commerce app development services

  • B2B eCommerce Mobile App
    E-commerce applications that facilitate transactions between businesses through a single user interface are categorized in this section. An E-commerce Mobile App Development company makes an app that allows the exchange of both products and services to handle significant transactions for major exchanges. For example, Amazon Business (B2B2C) sell wholesale products to retailers who again sell them to customers.
  • B2C eCommerce Mobile App
    Applications supporting the B2C model and allowing businesses to sell their products directly to customers fall in this category. Unlike brick-and-mortar retail setup that limits the variety of goods. For example, Dominos uses E-commerce mobile app to give the customer immediate access to all their products.
  • C2B eCommerce Mobile App
    Enterprises purchase domain-specific products such as technological assets, design, and other things directly from a party. Some experts use their skills and establish a commercial connection with C2B tools such as GitHub. Working with this model is great for some time but soon more freelancers step in, and this category is on an uptrend.
  • C2C eCommerce Mobile App
    E-commerce app development services build an application that allows customers to trade their goods and services with each teacher without integration of any business. For example, eBay let users sell their goods to other users, supports these transactions, and improves interaction for a larger user base.

What if you get everything in a single software? QuickWorks can do that magic for you!

How QuickWorks E-Commerce App Development Process Benefits You?

E-commerce mobile app development

Easy to Deploy- The primary benefit of using QuickOrders is the reduced cost and timeframe to deliver the solution. Service providers centrally fix, update, and deploy solutions in the cloud that eventually reduces software maintenance costs. You don’t need to install any new software versions. We make it easy for entrepreneurs to build a platform and scale their businesses without bothering about data leaks.

Scalability- An ideal E-commerce mobile app development solution is easy to integrate with third parties. With different APIs and third-party features, QuickWorks ease the process of adopting better functionalities. Hence scaling the user end becomes seamless as you don’t need to purchase the software but only subscribe to the services you need. Even if you need enhancements, simply upgrade to a more suitable subscription model with a few clicks.

No Hardware Required- Once subscribed to our E-commerce app development services, users can access the platform from any type of device (provided that they’re internet enabled). Our solution comes with no hardware requirements and a well-maintained development process.

Secure and Well-Designed Database- The standard protocol of QuickWorks includes SSL and TLS encryption. Our privacy agreements tend to protect user communication and data while ensuring you spend less on data security. Our model is relatively simple and comes with fast integration of additional protocols.

Concluding Remarks

People are now inclined to buy products online and an E-commerce app makes their lives easier! Being able to purchase products with a single tap is preferred by everyone today. Making the switch to an online mobile application is going to boost your revenue and help interact with customers better. Push alerts and customer data analysis can help improve the growth rate and increase brand recognition. E-commerce app development services are advancing customer centricity to the point where businesses will be ingrained in their daily lives.

The competition in the eCommerce market is becoming closer, you need to buckle up and provide a “Unique Personalized Seamless” shopping experience to users. Keep an eye on trends! Integrating emerging technologies like AI, AR/VR, big data, and others can help you increase customer involvement. If you are thinking to hire an E-commerce Mobile App Development company but do not want to spend much money, then go ahead with QuickWorks. You are getting complete ready-to-lunch software without any hustle of maintenance or long development process. Take an easy-to-deploy eCommerce mobile app solution for your business at a really competitive cost. Get in touch with our team and get your app ready within minutes!

E-commerce app development services

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

An e-commerce app is a mobile application with online shopping capabilities. It connects users to the online store or marketplace of a business. Customers can buy products or services only via the app. Examples- Amazon and eBay

You can either go for white-label E-commerce app development where the business owner will need to find a technology partner or you can subscribe to a SaaS model such as QuickWorks where you just need to integrate your business requirements with the deployed application. White label is time-consuming and often expensive but SaaS E-commerce mobile app development will require none to minimum customization and can be deployed quickly with less investment.

Well, this may vary from business to business. As a taxi booking app requires a different set of features than a food delivery app. for example, a search bar, filtration, chatbot, payment gateway, and others. All e-commerce app development requirements are noted down and a team integrates these requirements into functionalities.

White-label E-commerce app development services may take 6 months, custom E-commerce mobile app development may take 8-12 months and finally, ready-made software takes 5 days-2 weeks.

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