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Deliveroo Business Model Explained: This is How Delivery Apps Make Money!

Deliveroo Business Model Explained: This is How Delivery Apps Make Money!
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    November 2, 2023 Last Updated: November 2, 2023


In 2013, the UK-based online meal delivery service Deliveroo was founded by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski. It has grown faster to expand its services throughout significant regions of the world and has grown to become one of the largest and most well-known online food sellers. More than 1.40 lakh food shops are connected by this extensive Deliveroo business model these days.

Their mission started for local eateries & meal appetizers with convenient doorstep delivery services. It forms alliances with different eateries and provides its patrons with mouthwatering, genuine food from their preferred cuisines. Customer happiness and the delivery of high-quality food are the main objectives of this simple business concept. Through iOS and Android apps, customers can make orders and communicate directly with restaurant technology solutions.

With a single platform, Deliveroo operates worldwide, serving an infinite number of clients and merchants. For a thriving business, entrepreneurs looking to establish their on-demand food delivery app should think about this successful Deliveroo business strategy.

Deliveroo Business Model: An Overview

Deliveroo is an on-demand online food marketplace that distributes food to customers by collaborating with other eateries. With nearly 20 locations, the company operates in France, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Kuwait, Singapore, Italy, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Belgium. The main goal of this delivery management software was to offer easily accessible, high-quality meals. It optimizes the benefits for diners and the delivery man while cutting down on delivery time. Order delivery, sign-up, service fees, premium subscriptions, and food sales through cloud kitchens are all ways that Deliveroo generates revenue.

Deliveroo Business Model

Deliveroo is a digital company that partners with restaurants to offer delivery services for meals to customers. Put differently, it functions as a middleman between consumers and restaurants. The company promises to fulfill the desired order within thirty-two minutes. Deliveroo's mission is to bring its patrons their favorite dishes from the eateries that are listed on its app. Restaurants may reach a wider audience by using Deliveroo revenue model. In the UK, the Deliveroo business model has amassed a 22% market share in less than ten years of operation. When a customer places an order using the Deliveroo on-demand food delivery app, food is delivered.

Deliveroo aims to guarantee effective delivery. The primary participants in the Deliveroo business model comprise patrons, eateries, and riders. They can't offer delivery services, restaurants might not be able to reach a lot of people. Deliveroo gives them access to a wider audience. Deliveroo revenue model includes strategies for restaurants to partner with other eateries for great revenue. Due to the tremendous growth experienced by the restaurants that joined Deliveroo, the hyperlocal delivery company now works with 50,000 restaurant partners.

Deliveroo Business Strategy You Can Opt For Your Business

Food ordering and delivery are made rather easy with the use of an on-demand food delivery app like Deliveroo. Deliveroo delivers meals from restaurants to customers after users place orders on the app. The procedures for placing an order through the Deliveroo on-demand food delivery app are as follows: After registering, users can peruse the restaurants listed on the Deliveroo app and use the menus to choose the cuisine from the establishment that piques their interest. To make its riders' working environments safer, Deliveroo delivery management software only takes card payments.
Deliveroo Business Strategy

  • An alert is sent to the store where the consumer placed their order. The restaurant then gets to work preparing the food for delivery. Order confirmation is sent by the restaurant based on availability.
  • Notifications are then sent to Deliveroo riders who are stationed close to the eatery. Without sacrificing quality, riders pick up food from restaurants and bring it right to clients' doors.
  • Customers may browse for a wide range of items from different cuisines. Based on the postal code, customers can select the nearest area to have meals delivered, and the app lists nearby restaurants.
  • After choosing their meal from the partner restaurants, consumers may place their orders and pay for them using a variety of extremely safe payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and others. Using the Deliveroo business model, the ordering process takes less than a minute to finish.
  • Upon completion of the order, the restaurants receive notification of the food to be prepared as well as any further details the consumer may have supplied. Orderers can use the Google Maps API, which is connected to the Deliveroo app, to keep an eye on their food.
  • Since speedy delivery of delicious food is essential to the Deliveroo business strategy. Riders may easily be picked up and dispatched because they are stationed within a 2.2-kilometer radius of the restaurants they sign up for. When a consumer places an order, riders are notified via their respective applications to show up at the pickup location.
  • Without sacrificing the quality of the meal, the riders make sure that hot food is brought to doorsteps in less than thirty minutes.

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An Insight to the Deliveroo Revenue Model

Since its founding, Deliveroo's yearly revenue has increased significantly. In 2021, Deliveroo saw a 56% growth in revenue, reaching € 1.8 billion. In the last three years, it has been able to triple its revenue. Deliveroo Plus, commission fees, delivery fees, service fees, and small order fees make up the company's revenue stream. Users have access to an extensive selection of eateries that serve a range of cuisines all day long with this online food marketplace. Using the restaurant technology solutions, they may select their preferred dish and place an order, which is then sent to the relevant restaurant. To make sure the food arrives at the customer's location promptly and safely, the restaurant packages and prepares the dishes before using Deliveroo's delivery personnel to deliver them to the consumer.

Deliveroo Revenue Model

Deliveroo's extensive market research and analysis have resulted in the creation of an intuitive meal delivery platform that is simple to use for all stakeholders. Several payment options, including Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, and others, are allowed for the meal, which shortens the time it takes for clients to place their orders and streamlines the procedure.

Deliveroo's revenue model emphasis on speedy food delivery has led to the integration of robust software and algorithms that determine the most effective means of delivering food to clients. With the delivery management software enabling their systems, the organization reported a 20% boost in delivery efficiency, demonstrating the efficacy of this initiative.

Fee For Drivers

The application increases the base rates of £1 for delivery and £2 for pickup by a distance-based variable cost. The remaining amount is paid to Deliveroo as a commission. If you work for Deliveroo, you have to pay a £150 security deposit. The equipment required to outfit drivers and riders is paid for with that safety deposit. The amounts are deducted from their pay. A driver or passenger has the right to get their money back if they choose to leave or resign from their job.

Potential drivers and passengers can provide funds to Deliveroo, a SaaS-based meal delivery software, by paying them in advance to cover the cost of purchasing the required gear. The Financial Times reports that Deliveroo has collected security payments totaling £3 million from its approximately 20,000 registered riders.

Furthermore, the aforementioned amount is reinvested into the organization's fundamental processes to enable their further advancement. Ideally, Deliveroo would be able to recover and reimburse each driver/rider for £150 if the relationship ends. Consequently, you won't lose anything.

Drivers can make more than £120 a day (depending on how many deliveries they make).
The driver may keep the money if a passenger tips them.
The driver receives £250 for each referral.

Registered Restaurants Commission

Although Deliveroo has not disclosed the exact details of the commissions it receives from restaurants, some have revealed that the delivery service deducts 20% from each order. Approximately 35,000 restaurants have registered to use Deliveroo hyperlocal delivery service.

Buyers and Shoppers

In the UK, 45,000 individuals use Deliveroo delivery management software every day. Deliveroo's revenue streams are probably going to rise as a result of keeping the 80% of present customers who haven't used their services yet.

Deliveroo Plus

Deliveroo Plus is a premium service that the company offers to customers who place frequent orders for groceries or food. It allows users to pay a one-time price instead of having to pay for each order's delivery.

Deliveroo business model has two membership options at different pricing ranges, both of which include free delivery. When placing an online order for food or groceries totaling more than £10, Deliveroo Plus Gold offers free delivery. Gold membership has a monthly subscription fee of £7.99. When you place an online order for food or goods totaling more than £25, Deliveroo Plus Silver offers free delivery. For a silver membership, the monthly subscription fee is £3.49.

Unrevealing The Secret of Deliveroo Success

Ordering meals has never been easier with on-demand food delivery apps. From selecting the menu to delivering delicious meals right to your home, Deliveroo makes sure that every step of the procedure is carried out with excellence. Its standing in the global food scene has been steadily rising.
The business takes pride in its creative approaches to customer service. With the aid of its "Frank" algorithm, which is based on potent predictive technology and assesses the most effective method of distributing orders depending on the locations of restaurants, riders, and consumers, it has already been able to reduce hyperlocal delivery times by 20%.

Secret of Deliveroo Success

Deliveroo revenue model is a rapidly expanding business that has made impressive strides in a brief amount of time. Their remarkable success in expanding to over 11 nations and establishing connections with restaurants in various localities is a testament to their ability and drive to grow their enterprises. Their rapid ascent can be attributed, in large part, to their ability to work with delivery services and restaurants to provide the highest quality food to their users while optimizing the profits and efficiency of all parties. During their uprising, they encountered their fair share of challenges and problems, which they bravely and passionately overcame with restaurant technology solutions.

Deliveroo business model is an excellent illustration of how bold and enthusiastic concept pursuit may result in significant successes. The two main consumer categories for Deliveroo are users of the platform and restaurants. The site links restaurants with consumers who wish to buy food online. Both parties are further enabled and benefited by the online food delivery marketplace.

1Increased Food Value

Deliveroo offers restaurants benefits like better customer access, fewer business risks, and improved reputation. It provides doorstep delivery, a reasonable menu, and ease of use all at once.

Restaurant owners receive better value from the UK's largest meal delivery company Deliveroo, with delivery costs starting at just £2.50. In addition to being a delivery management software, Deliveroo provides delivery services to eateries to expand their clients. Consumers enjoy the quick service because their food is delivered quickly. Customers also benefit from the platform's increased dining alternatives.

2Facilitate Interaction Modes

Deliveroo's user base is communicated via its website and mobile app. It even uses digital marketing tools and social media platforms to communicate with its customers outside of its portals.

3Involve Vital Partners

Deliveroo operates in South and Southeast Asia with partners like Grab, however, its primary focus is the United Kingdom. The Southeast Asian partner and official takeout provider for the Norwich Football Club is Deliveroo.

4Utilizes Additional Resources/h3>

The most crucial instrument for Deliveroo's operations is its online marketplace platform, which consists of a website and a smartphone app. The platform gains from the work of engineers, delivery professionals, and support staff in addition to the technology.

5Makes Significant and Regular Decisions/h3>

Maintaining the platform is a top priority for Deliveroo to improve it for its user base and the restaurants it collaborates with. What makes it so effective are the maps, the delivery team, the platform itself, and the real-time order monitoring. You need to look at how Canvas by Deliveroo makes money off of their platform now that you understand how Deliveroo business strategy works.

How to Launch Your Delivery Business with Quickdelivery?

Deliveroo operates in more than 200 cities worldwide as of right now. Deliveroo business model has been well-known for its dedication to providing dependable services. Will Shu, the company's creator, began by using just three restaurants to give its customers the greatest possible meal delivery experience. Today, the company has partnered with 50,000 eateries and has experienced incredible success. Will Shu was one of the company's initial riders.

Deliveroo's unwavering services have allowed it to develop at an unprecedented rate throughout the years. Earthbound records have been set by the technology that it has developed for the online food sector. The platform has outperformed its competitors in a number of areas, including easy accessibility, affordable costs, and brand recognition. Do you have the same zeal as Deliveroo to create a popular on-demand food delivery app?
Delivery Business with Quickdelivery

Quickdelivery offers tailored features to enable you to launch your own delivery apps business and is the best option if you're ready to launch your delivery platform in a few hours. We can help you create an app that is comparable to Deliveroo. With their experience, we can offer full-service solutions to assist you in building a profitable meal delivery business. We have incorporated necessary features including tools for managing restaurants, safe payment channels, real-time order tracking, and user-friendly interfaces. Get a high-quality solution that satisfies your unique needs and gives your consumers a flawless experience.


Deliveroo's distinctive ideals, which have been the most compelling features of Shu's idea, are a major component of its success. Similarly, Quickdelivery not only meets people's wants but also improves their experiences. The delivery management software has prioritized several ideas that have allowed it to dominate the on-demand hyperlocal delivery market.


With Quickdelivery, individuals can now afford any kind of meal at a regular price without sacrificing the experience of eating at a fine restaurant for a pitiful sum of money.

Development of Brands

Deliveroo has grown, with income increasing by almost 650% annually. Deliveroo's revenue growth for its prestigious restaurant partners has been astounding. Quickdelivery has concentrated on building a solid consumer base for the business through its seasonal programs and advertising efforts.

Although Deliveroo business model is profitable, it faces significant competition in both its targeted niche and services. Deliveroo business strategy depends on making substantial adjustments to its revenue model to reduce expenses and increase earnings for riders, restaurants, and the business itself. To serve more customers worldwide, the company is continually developing and growing, having already established operations in more than 12 countries. It's time to launch your business just like Deliveroo and gain unlimited profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Deliveroo is an online food delivery business that collaborates with other eateries to provide customers with food. Drivers under contract who work as needed complete deliveries. Prioritizing high-quality food offers sets us apart from other food delivery services.

There is a commission fee that restaurants that use Deliveroo must pay for each order. Among other factors, the commission % that a restaurant is charged may differ depending on the type of contract, the number of locations, and/or the region. Restaurants should anticipate commission costs of between 25 and 35 percent on average.

Deliveroo needs to set itself apart in two areas in the fiercely competitive meal delivery market: marketing and customer service. Compared to its competitors, Deliveroo offers a considerably wider selection of eateries, including exclusive options like Five Guys, to its customers.

Deliveroo provides high-quality services that are essential for many homes and workplaces by employing cutting-edge technology to provide a fast and dependable delivery service. Orders can be delivered in as little as 20 minutes!

The platform-to-consumer business model underpins Deliveroo’s operations. This indicates that Deliveroo uses a variety of partner restaurants to prepare the meals rather than doing it all themselves. The business concept of Deliveroo handles order delivery and payment management.

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