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Orakle: Spearheading Sustainable Transportation in Nairobi

See how Quickworks helped Orakle lead the charge with electric cars and an ecosystem for eco-friendly travel!

About Orakle App

Orakle is transforming urban mobility in Nairobi by offering sustainable taxi services powered by electric cars. Our platform provides users with green alternatives for their transportation needs while contributing to a cleaner and greener environment. With a focus on seamless booking experiences and a commitment to reducing carbon emissions, Orakle is revolutionizing the way people travel in the city.

Understanding Our Client's Needs is Our Priority

At Quickworks, we understand the importance of catering to our client's requirements. Before initiating development, we conducted in-depth consultations with our client to gain insights into their vision and objectives. By understanding their needs and preferences, we were able to tailor our solutions to meet their specic goals and deliver a product that exceeded their expectations.

Orakle X Quickworks Collaboration: Driving Transformation!

  • Enhanced Operational Eciency


  • 52%

    Elevated User Experience

  • 63% Scalability and Reliability


  • 50%

    Fueling Business Growth

How Quickworks Started The Process?

  • Strategic Planning :

    Quickworks conducted thorough market research and strategic planning to identify opportunities and overcome obstacles in the electric vehicle industry.

  • Customized Solutions:

    Quickworks developed tailor-made solutions to meet Orakle's unique requirements, ensuring seamless integration with their existing infrastructure and operations.

  • User-Centric Approach

    Quickworks prioritized user experience throughout the development process, focusing on intuitive design and functionality to enhance user satisfaction and retention.

Key Features of Orakle Taxi App

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    Eco-Friendly Fleet: Orakle's fleet consists entirely of electric cars, offering users a sustainable transportation option that reduces carbon emissions.

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    Advanced Booking Options: Users can book rides in advance, schedule recurring trips, and set their preferences for eco-friendly vehicles.

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    Real-Time Charging Station Updates: The app provides real-time updates on nearby charging stations, ensuring convenient access for drivers and minimizing downtime.

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    Eco-Rewards Program: Orakle rewards users for choosing eco-friendly transportation options, offering incentives such as discounts and loyalty rewards for frequent riders.

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Empowering Drivers with Easy-To-Use Interface & Advanced Technology

At Quickworks, we understand that drivers are the backbone of our taxi service. That's why we've gone the extra mile to empower them with tools and features that enhance their experience and maximize their earnings.

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    Advanced Driver Panel: Our driver panel is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. It gives drivers real-time access to essential information such as ride requests, navigation assistance, and earnings reports.

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    Flexible Scheduling: We believe in allowing drivers to choose their schedule. With Quickrides, drivers can set their availability and accept ride requests at their convenience, effectively balancing work and personal life.

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    Transparent Earnings: We believe in transparency. Our driver panel provides detailed insights into earnings, including trip fares, tips, and incentives earned. This transparency builds trust and empowers drivers to track their progress and earnings effectively.

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    Driver Incentives and Rewards: To incentivize drivers and reward their hard work, we offer a range of incentives and rewards programs. From bonuses for completing a certain number of rides, we ensure drivers feel valued and appreciated.

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    Dedicated Support: Our drivers are our partners, and their success is our priority. That's why we provide dedicated support to address any concerns or issues they may encounter.

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    Continuous Improvement: We're committed to continuously improving our driver panel based on feedback and insights from our driver community. We regularly update our platform with new features and enhancements.

A Partnership That is Driving Sustainable Success

  • Increased Market Share

    Orakle's partnership with Quickworks led to a significant increase in market share, establishing the company as a leader in sustainable transportation in Nairobi.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    The revamped Orakle app and improved service offerings resulted in higher user satisfaction rates and increased customer loyalty.

  • Environmental Impact

    Orakle's eco-friendly initiatives contributed to a measurable reduction in carbon emissions from transportation, positively impacting the environment.

Shaping a Sustainable Future Together!

The collaboration between Orakle and Quickworks isn't just about building an app and shaping a sustainable future for urban mobility and parcel delivery services.

Orakle's partnership with Quickworks has enabled the company to achieve unprecedented success in sustainable urban mobility.

By leveraging innovative technology and strategic partnerships, Orakle is driving positive change in the transportation industry and paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Now it's your turn… Join us on this journey towards a greener, more connected world

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