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5 Most Profitable Pickup and Delivery Businesses You Can Launch This Year

5 Most Profitable Pickup and Delivery Businesses You Can Launch This Year
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    September 6, 2023 Last Updated: September 6, 2023


Who doesn't wait for the orders placed online?

More than 63% of orders are placed online today. A poll indicates that the US market has seen a gain in customers of more than 81% after they digitalized their businesses. A completely new era of consumer expectations about speed, cost, and convenience has been ushered in by the on-demand economy.

Market disruptors like Amazon and Uber have altered the way that delivery services operate. Customers who use on-demand delivery applications expect their orders as soon as possible.
Within the next three years, 99% of shops plan to offer same-day delivery, with many of them aiming for 30-minute delivery speeds by pickup and delivery software. Starting a pickup and delivery service is a smart choice, but first, examine the leading players and business ideas you can act on.

Players That Are Ruling The Pickup and Delivery Market Today

The market for pickup and delivery app development offers countless opportunities. You must be aware of the industry leaders if you intend to have a pickup and delivery app developed. New trends and technologies are altering businesses. The on-demand industry is dominated by delivery companies, such as those that deliver meals, groceries, and other items. Having a mobile presence for your organization is the ideal strategy for expansion. Here are a few of the industries that dominate.

Pickup and Delivery


Gojek is a fantastic pickup and delivery app that offers everything from food delivery to ride-hailing. Creating an app like GoJek is a very wise approach for any business to make money because it operates on the aggregator business model. The Gojek app is loaded with cutting-edge features and is supported by reliable technology.


Many businesses choose Dunzo as a hyperlocal delivery partner since it works with nearby restaurants and stores to supply necessities like food, medicine, and other essentials. Its extremely clever business strategy enables it to rank among the top 5 market leaders for pickup and delivery services. Dunzo is renowned for its quick delivery service of 45 minutes. You must look for a pickup and delivery app solution like Dunzo.


Walmart is one of the most well-liked pickup and delivery services since it takes advantage of its physical locations to make things simple for its customers. This app which collaborates with more than 5,000 retailers in the US, also assists vendors in controlling and optimizing their store transactions.


Bulky and hefty packages can be delivered using the on-demand courier service software Lalamove. Additionally, you can use this app to send packages containing crucial papers, refreshments, flowers, and other goods. For many pickup and delivery companies, apps like Lalamove provide a one-stop shop for expanding their businesses.

How Technology Has Affected Pickup & Delivery Businesses?

Over 50% of urban clients expect one-hour local delivery, and a sizable portion of younger customers expect the same. In Australia, the global market for courier, express, and parcel services is growing by 6%. The impact of technology on businesses is enormous, thus it is impossible to disregard the need for pickup and delivery services. The market is seeing a growth in technical partners, which creates more possibilities for logistics and delivery services.

The Asia-Pacific parcel market is growing at a pace of 40% annually as we move along. So the question is, how has technology increased output, operations, and customer experience, and kept service costs constant? 74% of consumers are happy with the advent of digital technology and are eager to boost their purchases. The workflow and stages of the logistics are now seamlessly integrated with the services. Today, 53% of consumers start opting for premium services if they discover them to be quick, secure, easy to pay for, offer last-mile delivery, and many other things. These are facts now let's see the reasons behind this magic!

Tech Enhanced Delivery Market

Track Deliveries

Any logistics company that wants to guarantee that its clients will receive their products on time must prioritize quick delivery.
Pickup and delivery businesses must therefore keep track of their delivery personnel and partners in order to enhance performance and provide customers with alternatives.

Last-mile Delivery

When there are any manual faults along the process, a wonderful delivery management system aids the logistical services and the staff. The right pickup and delivery software promises a wonderful client experience and runs efficient warehouses with the products to deliver on schedule.

Data Analytics

If businesses have useful data to study, decision-making may be a little more strange. Sorted insights not only assist in putting ideas into practice but also aid in maintaining the strategy for any future projections.

Reduced Expenditure and Costs

Automated processes increase productivity and lower operating costs. Push notifications that save time and money are among the features chosen by delivery services, along with automatic route optimization and quick delivery location rescheduling. Try a prebuilt pickup and delivery app solution for this.

No Paperwork

To save time and money, all of the inventory information was controlled using timestamps. Multiple deliveries are made in the logistics industry, and occasionally information such as receipts, the arrival and departure of forms, etc. is lost. To guarantee hassle-free records, pickup, and delivery app development is the best option.

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Top-Most Profitable Pickup and Delivery Business Ideas for 2023-24

In this crowded market, starting a courier service from home might be a wonderful deal for customers. 19% of courier and parcel providers offer 2-hour fast delivery which is why consumer loyalty has improved by up to 55%. When talking about launching a pickup and delivery app, it's necessary to understand how it works, what factors are crucial to take into account, and what would make it simpler for us to compete in the market with superior products.
The pickup and delivery software simplifies every step of the delivery process and includes smart route optimization, real-time agent tracking, and simple task assignment. The pickup and delivery app solution is useful if your company needs to deliver a good or service to the customer. Regarding the services of pickup and delivery app development, every industry has its own set of standards. Now let's look at the best business ideas you can start today!

Profitable Pickup and Delivery Business

1Milk delivery business

Due to the enormous market demand-supply mismatch, milk delivery is profitable. Hyperlocal business models are anticipated to grow rapidly through the use of technology as the "near me" notion becomes more and more popular among customers. In 2021, the milk delivery sector brought in close to $60,000 million.

If you want milk delivered, start with the delivery management system. Startups are now enabling clients to order milk online, define the quantity, follow routes, and receive notifications in real-time. Other dairy products including cheese, butter, cream, and paneer can also be delivered in this way.

2Garbage business

Due to the emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic, on-demand enterprises have grown incredibly popular. There may be a hidden treasure in the waste pickup industry for budding business owners wishing to enter the pickup and delivery market. Even though the trash pickup industry may seem strange and unorthodox, several major firms are engaged in it. Big names in the industry like SoulCycle and WeWork are active.

Choosing the garbage truck, preparing the equipment, and obtaining the proper licenses are a few of the crucial requirements for the waste pickup business. The business of picking up and delivering scrap metal has enormous potential. There are certainly significant advantages to doing business, but it makes sense to use technology in this situation.

You can advertise your company in market activities to swiftly determine the market's true potential. When you are prepared with other plans, make sure to secure the required technical support from professionals. Using the right pickup and delivery app solution, you can keep track of your truck arrangements and choose the best route.

3Laundry delivery business

These days, life moves quickly, and as more duties pile up each day, there is an increasing need for laundry delivery services. By 2027, it is anticipated that this sector will grow to a $113 billion market. To make sure the business endeavor succeeds, you must consider the problems, use technology to optimize the business, set competitive prices, and market the firm locally. Laundry services have a minimal barrier to entry and can be established from home. It's a booming industry with lots of chances to set your company apart from the competition.

When launching a laundry delivery business, you can improve the service by lowering tech hurdles by employing pickup and delivery software. This will guarantee that the new company will turn a profit right away. The ability to conveniently and in advance schedule the deliveries is provided by the use of software. It is possible to maximize daily deliveries by combining pickups and drops along the same route. Users can have better delivery experiences from you, and you can even charge reasonably for the laundry service.

4Grocery delivery

People consume fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. They fall under the category of consumables or products. Before beginning a fruit and vegetable delivery service, there is one thing you should keep in mind. It's because they have a limited storage life and are perishable. Therefore, you must succeed in business in order to have a strong sourcing and delivery network. One of the readily available sources of animal protein found in many home kitchens is eggs.

But they are fragile, and carrying them can be difficult and dangerous. It is simple to launch a delivery business for these goods. With this business, you can cater to both household and business clients, including snack shops and restaurants. It can be quite difficult to achieve this using the online delivery business model. Many well-known businesses, including BigBasket and Amazon, are active in this market.

They are employed not only in major cities but also in a variety of smaller ones. To create a pickup and delivery app, you need the appropriate technological support. You can design an application with a pickup and delivery app development firm that meets your business's needs.

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Features You Need For a Successful Pickup & Delivery Business

You've now examined the needs of each sort of business. Additionally, you are aware of the capabilities of pickup and delivery app solutions that will streamline operations. Let's examine each feature in more detail to see how potent the delivery management system is.

Features of Pickup Delivery App

Live tracking

Live tracking enables management to see where their riders are in real-time. To give customers more information about when to expect the goods or services they bought, businesses can also share the riders' live GPS tracker with them.

Route Optimisation:

The power of route optimization solutions is in their ability to choose the ideal path for all the duties assigned to rides. To ensure that any potential delays on the route are carefully avoided along the way, the correct software will even change the routes at the last minute.

Delivery and Dispatch Management

The options of trip management solutions are endless, ranging from handling dispatches, and knowing which trip to assign to which rider, to optimizing routes and automating the full day and workforce's trip sequences and timetables.

Order Management

The pickup and delivery app provides automated order fulfillment from beginning to end. This simplifies order administration, and on-field rider management, and makes it easier for supervisors to oversee a whole workflow.

Capacity Management

The best delivery management system can manage carriers and vehicle capacity automatically. As a result, managers save a ton of time by efficiently balancing the quantity and quality of delivery.

Proof of Delivery

In order to maintain efficient organizational workflows and develop strong customer relationships, ePODs are essential tools. You will have a variety of POD collection alternatives if you use reliable pickup and delivery software.

Insightful Reports

The hard effort that goes into strategizing and analysis cannot be beaten, and smart reports let you achieve just that! Managers can utilize pickup and delivery app solutions to collect data at every stage of the delivery process and use that information to determine what is and is not working.

Businesses are putting their consumers at the core of their operations for good reason since they have higher customer expectations than before. There are many delivery applications available today that provide clients with varying degrees of insight regarding the progress and location of their orders. Look for pickup and delivery app solutions that can tell customers via push notifications when their order leaves the warehouse or store and when it has arrived.

Customers should receive reminders via automatic push notifications or an on-demand delivery app when a driver is running late or when anything unexpected occurs. This can ease customer worry without adding to the workload for drivers or other teams. Customers, dispatchers, operational managers, and leadership should have access to this order tracking and real-time insight.

Scale Your Business with Quickworks Route Planning

Route Planning

Are you motivated by the astronomical success of well-known on-demand pickup and delivery apps? Your company needs to be prepared for every situation. Nothing works better to assist you with this than having a pick-up and delivery service with your own distinctive brand. Your delivery management system gains efficiency, and it also helps you keep up with all safety regulations. The pickup and delivery software sector has grown significantly during the last few years. The company will continue to expand quickly.

We can witness growth in the delivery business sales, which indicates that this is because consumer tastes changed as a result of the pandemic pandemic. In the future months, pickup and delivery app development is expected to see this continued growth.

The industry's next big star might be you.
You can change the situation with only one smart move. Do you want to create your own pickup and delivery app, consider the important factors and examples provided above, or contact us for additional cooperation to identify a variant fit for your business case. We are here to help you with the right solution and technical assistance. Quickworks offers you a combination of an order management system and a delivery management system- Quickorders + Quickdelivery. Get in touch with our team to learn more about this.

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